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How To Aim A Trail Camera?

How To Aim Trail CameraTrail cameras are known for multiplying the joy of watching the wildlife and show what animals do when you’re not around. Mainly, they are used by hunters but are also valuable to wildlife researchers and watchers.

The idea of aiming the trail cameras is simple, just installing in the area where the activities take place and reach the expected animal. As useful and unique as it is, they are often challenging to inexperience or beginners who want to aim at a trail camera.

The camera should be aimed where hunting is worthwhile, where the animals are active, and to the game area. Here is how to aim a trail camera.


How To Aim A Trail Camera ( Step By Step )

How To Aim A Trail Camera

Choose the perfect place to hang the trail camera.

This process may not be simple because it involves trials and errors. Some of the possible places where trail cameras should be aimed include water or food sources, main trails, trail junctions, natural clearings, and old road benches.

Also, the possible places can be bait stations, tree locations, forest blinds, natural funnels, wallow, saddles, gut piles, and fence crossing. This will help the trail cameras get the good footage of small openings near bedding covers, which are characterized by many paths leading to where there are animals. Also, old roadbeds are good places to place.

Consider mounting the trail camera properly

Mount the trail camera and the lock-boxes on the solid structure, like on a tree, log, or post. Mounting may be done using the small screws, which may be attached to security lock.

Once you’ve aimed the camera exactly where you need it, ensure it stays stable, even if there are playful elk and bears. This saves you time and effort by regularly adjusting the camera lens every time you control it.

If you don’t want to use the lock-box, you can use a python handle and a lock to mount that allows you to open and control the capture image device without moving it.

Point the trail camera to the north.

How To Aim A Trail CamIf you want to aim a trail camera, you need to point it to the north where you need to take the compass to discover where a north point is. When you face north of the road in front of the camera, it can prevent sunlight from spoiling your shots.

Aiming east or west can result in many false positives and many missing photos. The temperature changes as the sun set and rises and become part of the wind and maybe misinterpreted by the camera system as a reference to the deer presence.

You don’t need to waste precious non-existent space on a dollar card. A strong backlight can also lead to blowouts when the camera is faced toward the south.

Observe the right mounting height and angle.

Depending on the species on the property or particular target species, the trail camera needs to be mounted at the correct angle and height to provide the wider coverage to capture the optimal photo. The trail cameras should be hung at 26-30 degrees from the ground. Be sure to take the slope into account when considering the angle to make the necessary adjustments.


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