How To Program A Trail Camera ( Step By Step )

How To Program A Trail Camera

How To Program Trail CameraLike the hunter, the easiest and best things you need to do to work on time and stay on track with the game is installing the trail camera. Installing the trail camera in or around the hunting area can help you know if hunting is worth hunting here, what type of game live in that place and when the animals are active.

This will be effective if you know how to program a trail camera correctly. When used correctly, access to hunting footage becomes another matter while hunting. For a beginner or inexperienced hunter, programming the camera can be quite confusing. Here are steps on how to program a trail camera.


1. After unpacking, select the location with the highest potential

The right place to program the trail camera is where the game eats more food, more active, or on the game roads created from one location to another. Essentially, you should avoid the places which have bedding as this can scare and tire the game.

In the fall period, the best place can be either natural or mock scrapes. In early winter, the surrounding area with fields and trails is the best place, while in the middle of winter food plots are being considered the best. Typically, trails leaving bedding places are best areas for early spring, while the general trails are best during mid-spring. For the summer season, mines and power plants are the best stations to program the trail camera.

How To Program A Trail Cam

2. Prepare the camera for the first use.

Setting up the trail camera before programming is essential for optimal performance. The batteries need to be recharged, particularly if you want to hunt in the colder conditions. Generally, the most significant thing is to ensure all kinds of the SD cards are installed correctly. Otherwise, you won’t view the footage immediately. Adjust the settings: trigger frequency, flash settings, trigger speed, and timer.

3. Decide how to mount the trail camera

There are many ways which you can mount the trail camera. Some people wrap rubber bands around the tree and the camera. Others use online tutorials to create their setups because you will buy the parts you need for a few dollars at the local hardware store. If you have a mechanical inclination, this can be the best option. Also, you can buy the trail camera mounts online. Regardless of which method you choose, it is important to ensure that the camera is safe and has the clear view of the desired field of vision.

If you choose to hide the camera using the brush or other materials, you need to keep the lens very clear. Also, it is recommended to mount the camera to the south or north to avoid image washout or overexposure. Finally, adjust the camera slightly above eye level, and this needs the secure pouch to protect it from possible bears, thieves, and other entities which can cause havoc to the device. You can also ask the insurance agent if the trail camera may be covered with other valuable hunting gear.

How You Can Program A Trail Camera

4. Test the trail camera

Before deciding that all settings are good, make sure the correct materials are what you are looking for. The important part of this is testing it in different lighting conditions, such as day and night if you want to hunt in these different conditions. The easy way to determine if the configuration meets your needs is to write down each configuration and review the images on an SD card. Typically, if the footages are not what you are looking for, you can use the setting which is jotted down selected to make other changes.

5. Keep the trail camera in a safe place

This can be done by contacting the insurance company to verify whether the trail camera is covered. In that condition, this can prevent a need for fixing the pocket been damaged or compensation if the camera is stolen.

With the trail camera, you can do two or more things when programming the camera. If you’re passionate about the photography and the footage you are to take, you need to follow their procedures. Remember to cover the trail camera with camouflage clothing so that the unwanted parties cannot notice the camera. Saving the camera can be an important part when considering how to program the trail camera.


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