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When’s The Best Season & Time For Bird-watching?

Bird watching is a great hobby for birders who aspire to see birds in their natural habitats. Having an outdoor experience of bird watching and taking photos of different species of birds in their natural habitats is greatly fulfilling. Birdwatching is additionally beneficial as it helps you connect with nature and get mind therapy that comes with the sight of various bird species and rich vegetation in the habitat. Every serious birder would wish to see the maximum number of birds when they go for birdwatching to get the best experience out of it.

Although you are likely to see birds in almost every season of the year, the number of birds and the variety you can watch vary with seasons. Different seasons of the year affect pivotal aspects of bird behavior such as breeding, feeding, and migration, thus affecting the number of birds you are likely to see when you go out birding at specific seasons. Other factors such as weather and time of the day also affect the number and variety of birds you are likely to find.

Best Time For Bird Watching

Therefore, it is wise for any birder to familiarize themselves with these facts to know when is the best season and time for bird watching to make the best out of it and plan accordingly. Observation by bird experts indicates that birds are more active during spring, summer, and early autumn. Therefore, you are likely to see more birds in these seasons of the year compared to winter and late autumn.



Spring that occurs in May is rated as the best of the three seasons, and you are likely to see the biggest number of birds here. Birds are usually busy laying eggs during this season as they enjoy warm weather. The birds are also active in preparing nests for the young ones who will hatch from the eggs they lay. The summer birds also arrive in anticipation of summer, and those migrating also settle during this season.

Spring is a good season where birds have beautiful plumage as they develop new feathers to replace old ones. During this season also, the birds make beautiful songs as they try to attract their partners for mating. You will therefore enjoy the sweet melodies as you watch your favorite birds. Spring offers you the best chance to watch the greatest number of birds, and you should therefore prepare in advance to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity.


Summer is also a good season for bird watching. In summer, bleeding occurs due to the plenty of food from insects and fruits from trees. The temperature is also conducive to bleeding, but the Aves have to take precautions not to be scorched by the sun. When people run to their airconditioned houses during summer, birds adopt certain behaviors to beat the high temperature associated with summer. They are more active during morning hours and then retreat to shade near water points where the temperatures are lower.

Best Season & Time For Bird Watching

This behavior gives you a chance to watch birds near water points as their rest to escape high temperatures during the day. Therefore, you can have an easy time resting under tree shade and watching birds as their rest peacefully on treetops. Most birds will also molt to have new feathers after breeding just before migrating to colder regions. The sight of a molting bird enables you to appreciate the efforts put by the birds to survive each year. During late summer, birds tend to move to cooler temperate regions. This migration, therefore, gives you a chance to watch migrating birds.

Early autumn

Early autumn is a great season for watching migrating birds. The season begins at the end of summer, around October. Early autumn is the season of migration for birds. However, permanent resident birds such as hummingbirds don’t migrate. These birds can withstand the approaching winter cold. Birders can still find these birds in their habitat during autumn. The degree of migration for the migratory birds differs, with some moving shorter distances and others, like the Arctic tern traveling the longest. Short-distance travelers are motivated to move to look for food, while long-distance travelers could be adjusting to changes in the climate, geography, daylengths, or due to their genetic factors.

Migrating birds usually follow defined paths every year, giving predictable locations where birds can be seen as they migrate. They locate these paths by using the sun, stars, and physical features like mountains to guide them. Some locations attract many migrating birds and are thought of as bird traps, where many migrating birds congregate as they seek food and are relieved from the tiring journey. These locations are great for birders as they allow them to watch new species of birds in their widest variety and numbers.

Birds Feeding

Apart from seasons, bird watching can be affected by daytimes and weather. It is, therefore, good to know which time of the day you are likely to find the highest number of birds active so that you can enjoy your time in the wild. The most appropriate time to watch and listen to birds depends on their sunning, feeding, singing, and drinking behavior.

Most birds are active during the early morning when they feed on warms and sing melodious songs to attract their mates, especially during summer and spring. Going for birding in the morning is good for birders interested in melodies. Birders who may not be able to watch birds in the morning can wait for midday and afternoon hours to watch the birds as they bask in the sun or drink water at the water points.

Finally, weather is also key when birding. Birds will be more active on clear days with good sunshine than cloudy, chilly days with rain and hailstorms. It’s therefore good to look at the weather when going for bird watching to choose a day when the weather will allow you to find maximum numbers of birds.


This article guides bird lovers who intend to make the best out of their birding adventures. It highlights the best season and times when you will likely have the best birdwatching experience and enjoy it maximumly. We hope you will have a fantastic moment in your next birdwatching moment after reading it.


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