Summit Goliath vs Lone Wolf: Ultimate Tree Stand Duel!

Summit Goliath Vs Lone Wolf

The Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf stand-offs are quintessential choices for avid hunters. Both offer reliability, but with distinct features catering to different needs.

Choosing the right treestand can significantly enhance your hunting experience. The Summit Goliath SD is known for its comfort and spaciousness, ideal for larger hunters or those who prefer extra room. It features a comfortable foam-padded seat and a solid front bar for easy climbing, which doubles as a gun rest.

On the other hand, the Lone Wolf treestands, like the Lone Wolf Assault II, are revered for their lightweight design and portability, making them perfect for hunters who move frequently or trek long distances to their hunting spot. Each has advanced technologies ensuring stealth and stability. Understanding their unique advantages is crucial to selecting the right model for your hunting style and physical requirements.


Introducing The Contenders

Treestand hunting requires stealth, comfort, and reliability. Hunters must choose the best gear to succeed. Nothing can be left to chance. In the world of treestands, two names stand out: Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf. Let’s compare these industry titans to see which might crown your next hunting trip with success.

Summit Goliath: The Robust Choice

The Summit Goliath is the go-to for hunters who favor strength and space. Its frame supports ample weight, ensuring safety and peace of mind. The spacious platform allows for free movement and stable shooting.

  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Material: High-quality aluminum
  • Seat Size: Generous padding for maximum comfort
  • Unique Feature: Sound-deadening technology

Lone Wolf: The Silent Sentry

The Lone Wolf stands out for its stealthy approach. Lightweight and easy to carry, it whispers through the woods unseen and unheard. The Lone Wolf adapts to any tree, making it ideal for versatile hunters.

Feature Description
Weight Light and portable for long hunts
Material Cast aluminum for silent operation
Seat Size Optimized for quick, noise-free movement
Tree Fit Versatile and secure attachment to various trees

Craftsmanship And Build

The battle between Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf treestands is fierce, especially when assessing their craftsmanship and build quality. Each brand showcases distinct features that appeal to different hunters. The choice hinges on individual preferences for materials, durability, weight, and portability.

Material And Durability

Summit Goliath stands out for its robust construction. It employs high-quality aluminum and steel. Summit’s Sound Deadening (SD) technology reduces noise, enhancing stealth in the woods. These materials extend its life and withstand harsh conditions without failure.

In contrast, Lone Wolf opts for cast aluminum platforms. This choice provides a unique blend of strength and lightness. The stands endure demanding environments while preventing premature wear and tear.

  • Summit Goliath: Made with steel and aluminum; SD technology for noise reduction.
  • Lone Wolf: Crafted with cast aluminum for longevity.

Weight And Portability

Weight determines how easily a stand can be transported. Portability ensures quick and hassle-free setup.

Summit Goliath is slightly heavier due to its sturdy materials. The added weight impacts mobility but offers more comfort and stability for extended sits. Its design includes backpack straps, aiding in transportation.

Lone Wolf treestands are champions of portability. Their lightweight build, coupled with the ability to fold flat, renders them ideal for mobile hunters. The inclusion of backpack straps and the one-piece platform facilitates movement through thickets and across rough terrain.

Stand Model Weight Features
Summit Goliath Heavier Comfort, stability, backpack straps for carrying
Lone Wolf Lighter Folds flat, backpack straps, easy maneuverability

Comfort And Usability

When it comes to choosing a treestand, comfort and usability are key. Every hunter knows the importance of remaining comfortable and alert during long hours in the stand. That’s why comparing the Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf through these lenses matters so much. Both brands boast features that appeal to hunters, but they excel in different ways. Let’s see how they stack up in terms of seat comfort and space, and the ease of setup.

Seat Comfort And Space

The Summit Goliath is well-known for its spacious and padded seat. It invites hunters to sit back and wait for game in ultimate comfort. The generous dimensions provide ample room for movement and stretching, crucial for prolonged sits.

Contrastingly, the Lone Wolf offers a more streamlined design. It’s tailored towards hunters who prioritize lightweight mobility over space. Although the seating might be less plush than the Goliath, it serves well for those who prefer simplicity and minimalism.

Ease Of Setup

The Lone Wolf stands out with its quick, quiet setup. Its compact design and intuitive features make it a strong contender for hunters who move frequently. The Lone Wolf can be mounted swiftly, allowing stealthy and efficient transitions.

On the other side, the Summit Goliath offers an innovative cable system that simplifies its setup process. It may take slightly longer than the Lone Wolf, but the rock-solid stability post-installation is worth the extra minutes. Hunters can confidently trust their perch thanks to Summit’s robust construction.

Below is a quick comparison table for at-a-glance insights:

Feature Summit Goliath Lone Wolf
Seat Padding Thick padding Minimal
Space Extra-large Compact
Setup Time Longer with more stability Quick and efficient

Whether you choose the cushiony confines of the Summit Goliath or the sleek form of the Lone Wolf, comfort and usability play a crucial role in your hunting experience. Consider what your priorities are in a treestand and choose the one that meets your unique hunting needs the best.

Summit Goliath vs Lone Wolf: Ultimate Tree Stand Duel!


Stealth And Concealment

Understanding the importance of stealth and concealment can transform your hunting experience. Thus, when comparing the Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf treestands, we should closely examine their ability to blend into the environment and provide a silent perch. Let’s dive into how each stand performs in the silent shadows of the wild.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

The Summit Goliath boasts Dead Metal Technology. This innovation reduces noise dramatically. Hunters can make subtle movements without alerting game. Each joint is filled with a custom-engineered expanding foam to minimize sounds.

In contrast, the Lone Wolf utilizes sound-dampening rubber to stop metal-on-metal contact. It makes the stand nearly silent during both setup and use. Its quiet performance is highly appreciated among hunters who value stealth.

  • Summit Goliath: Expanding foam in joints
  • Lone Wolf: Rubber dampeners reduce noise

Camouflage And Visibility

Blending with the environment is crucial for a successful hunt. The Summit Goliath comes with a dark, bark-like pattern. It easily merges with the tree’s natural tones, providing excellent camouflage.

Conversely, the Lone Wolf features a subtle, muted grey color. This makes it less visible in the woods, especially during the leaf-off season. Its minimalistic design helps in remaining unnoticed.

Feature Summit Goliath Lone Wolf
Camo Pattern Bark-like texture Subtle grey
Visibility Low in foliage Low without foliage

Versatility And Adaptability

Tree stands are vital for hunters seeking the upper hand. The right choice adds versatility and adaptability to your hunt. When comparing the Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf tree stands, these traits become pivotal. Your stand should fit various trees and support diverse hunting styles. Today, we’ll dive deep into how these stands perform in these critical areas.

Tree Compatibility

The tree stand that grips more trees gives you ample choice. Summit Goliath shines in this domain. It features a wide front bar facilitating attachment to large trees. Still, it can hold firm on the slim ones. This makes the Goliath an ally in dense woods and open regions.

  • Broad front bar for stability
  • Cable system grips various diameters
  • Works well on both straight and crooked trees

Meanwhile, the Lone Wolf stands proud with its unique Versa Button. This button ensures a snug fit on many tree shapes. Its cast aluminum platform is light, ideal for distant treks.

  • Versa Button for quick, secure attachment
  • Lightweight for easier transportation
  • Robust on both even and uneven bark

Adaptation To Hunting Styles

Your hunting style dictates the stand you’ll need. The Summit Goliath boasts ample space. It offers comfort for long waits. Its adjustable seat height is perfect for bow and rifle users alike.

  • Spacious platform for comfort
  • Adjustable seat height suits any hunter
  • Suitable for both bow and rifle hunting

The Lone Wolf stands out for its stealth. It supports hunters who prefer a silent approach. The stand’s light design aids quick, stealthy moves. It allows for various vantage points thanks to its easy setup.

  • Quiet design for stealthy hunts
  • Light and nimble for movement
  • Easy, fast setup for dynamic hunting

Safety And Reliability

In the world of tree stand hunting, your safety is paramount. Choosing between the Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf means examining their safety features and load capacities critically. Both stands have impressive safety records, but they offer different benefits to hunters who prioritize security and dependability while off-the-ground.

Safety Features

The Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf tree stands are built with robust safety features. The Goliath boasts a full-body harness system, ensuring you’re securely attached at all times. Meanwhile, the Lone Wolf stand features a sturdy cast aluminum platform, offering a solid, slip-resistant base.

  • Summit Goliath:
    • Full-Body Harness
    • Sound Deadening Technology for Quiet Movement
  • Lone Wolf:
    • Cast Aluminum Platform
    • Easy-to-Use Versa-Button for Safe Attachment

Load Capacity

Load capacity is a critical factor for any tree stand, directly impacting the user’s safety. The Summit Goliath supports heavier weights comfortably, with its maximum capacity reaching up to 350 pounds. Conversely, the Lone Wolf has a slightly lower threshold, suitable for hunters up to 300 pounds.

Tree Stand Model Maximum Load Capacity
Summit Goliath 350 lbs
Lone Wolf 300 lbs

When selecting a tree stand, consider these key safety features and load capacities. Remember, safety leads to more enjoyable and successful hunts.

Cost And Value

Choosing the right tree stand is a crucial decision for any hunter. It can affect your comfort, success, and safety. Two popular models, the Summit Goliath and the Lone Wolf, bring different advantages to the table. Yet understanding their cost and value is vital. Here, we break down what you’ll pay and what you’ll gain.

Price Comparison

The Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf come with different price tags.

Tree Stand Price
Summit Goliath Higher-end
Lone Wolf Mid-range

Long-term Investment

Value exceeds cost. It’s about durability, safety, and usability. Here’s how each stand measures up:

  • Summit Goliath: Robust frame, comfortable seat, and a reputation for longevity.
  • Lone Wolf: Lightweight, easy to carry, an ideal choice for mobile hunters.

Hunters must consider these factors against their personal hunting styles. Both stands offer value beyond their initial cost.

Summit Goliath vs Lone Wolf: Ultimate Tree Stand Duel!


Hunter Experiences And Testimonials

Trekking into the wilderness, hunters rely on their gear. Hear what seasoned outdoorsmen say about two leading treestand brands, Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf.

Field Test Results

Real-world conditions test gear best. Hunters have put Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf through the wringer. Their experiences shed light on performance.

  • Summit Goliath: praised for its comfort during long waits. Its sturdy build offers reliability in rough settings.
  • Lone Wolf: reputed for lightness and ease of set-up. Perfect for the hunter on the move, its portability is a standout feature.
Feature Summit Goliath Lone Wolf
Weight Capacity 350 lbs 350 lbs
Stand Weight 25 lbs 20 lbs
Comfort High Medium
Portability Medium High

User Reviews And Recommendations

Feedback from dedicated hunters influences others. They share experiences with Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf to guide first-time buyers.

  • Hunters love the comfort of Summit Goliath for long hours in the tree.
  • Lone Wolf fans highlight its ease of transport through dense forests.
  • Some advise that the stability of Summit Goliath can trump the need for ultra-lightweight design in many hunting scenarios.
  • Others recommend the Lone Wolf for its fast set-up when chasing game on different terrains.
  • Most agree, personal needs dictate the best choice between stability and mobility.

Online forums and hunting communities offer a treasure trove of firsthand accounts. Many hunters post detailed reviews after seasons of use.

Hunter forums come alive with discussions of personal preference. Hunters lean on these communities for unfiltered, honest feedback.

Remember, the best treestand is the one that fits individual hunting style and comfort needs. Listen to those who’ve tested these products year after year.

Making The Choice

Choosing the right treestand can take your hunting experience to new heights. Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf are top brands on the market. Yet picking between them may seem daunting at first. Ease your decision-making process as we dive into the key factors that will guide your choice.

Factors To Consider

Both Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf stand out in the hunting world. Think about these points before making your decision:

  • Weight Capacity: Goliath supports hunters of all sizes with its higher weight limit.
  • Portability: Lone Wolf excels in easy transport with its lighter build.
  • Comfort: Goliath offers a spacious platform for extended hunts.
  • Set-Up Quietness: Lone Wolf produces minimal noise, perfect for stealthy approaches.
  • Price: Goliath and Lone Wolf cater to different budgets, examine yours.

Final Verdict

Your perfect pick depends on your hunting style and needs.

Feature Summit Goliath Lone Wolf
Weight Capacity High Lower
Portability Less portable More portable
Comfort More space Compact
Noise During Setup Noticeable Minimal
Price Investment More affordable

For those needing support and comfort, Summit Goliath is the way. Lone Wolf suits the mobile hunter. Trust your instincts, consider these factors, and choose the treestand that best aligns with your hunting endeavors.

Summit Goliath vs Lone Wolf: Ultimate Tree Stand Duel!


Frequently Asked Questions For Summit Goliath Vs Lone Wolf

Which Is Lighter: Summit Goliath Or Lone Wolf?

The Lone Wolf stands are renowned for their lightweight design. Compared to the Summit Goliath, the Lone Wolf typically offers a more portable solution, with the Lone Wolf Assault II weighing significantly less than the Goliath.

How Does Comfort Compare Between Summit Goliath And Lone Wolf?

Summit Goliath stands are designed with padded seats and spacious platforms, prioritizing comfort for extended hunts. Lone Wolf stands are more minimalist, focusing on mobility and simplicity, which might not offer the same level of comfort for long periods.

Can The Summit Goliath Support More Weight Than Lone Wolf Stands?

Yes, the Summit Goliath is built to support more weight. It has a max weight limit of around 350 lbs, which suits larger hunters, while Lone Wolf stands typically have a weight limit of 300 to 350 lbs depending on the model.

What’s The Price Difference Between Lone Wolf And Summit Goliath Stands?

Lone Wolf stands are generally more expensive than Summit Goliath. This is due to Lone Wolf’s lightweight, high-strength aluminum construction and their portability-focused features.


Deciding between the Summit Goliath and Lone Wolf isn’t simple. Each offers unique benefits tailored to different hunting styles. Your choice hinges on personal priorities like comfort, portability, and stealth. Remember, a stand’s true value is measured through your hunting success and satisfaction.

Choose wisely for the ultimate outdoor experience.

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