Summit Goliath SD vs Ultra: Climbing Stand Showdown

The Summit Goliath SD and Summit Viper Ultra are both top-of-the-line climbing tree stands designed for hunters looking for stability and comfort at elevated positions. The Goliath SD is known for its more generous space and high weight capacity, while the Ultra focuses on lightweight design and ease of transport.

When it’s time to choose a climbing tree stand, hunters often compare the Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Viper Ultra. The Goliath SD caters to larger hunters, offering a wider platform and a beefier frame to support up to 350 lbs.

Its spaciousness provides ample room for both sitting and standing positions. On the other hand, the Viper Ultra emphasizes mobility and convenience, being a lighter model that makes trekking through the woods less cumbersome. Each stand brings its unique advantages to the hunt, whether you prioritize comfort and size or portability and agility. Selecting the right one depends on your personal hunting style, location, and physical needs.


Introduction To Summit Climbing Stands

Welcome to the thrilling world of elevated hunting! Summit Climbing Stands offer hunters the perfect mix of safety, comfort, and mobility. Whether you’re new to hunting or a seasoned pro, understanding the highs of Summit stands is key. They transform your hunting experience to effective and efficient levels.

Popularity Of Summit Stands

Summit stands have a renowned reputation among hunters. Their robust construction and reliable safety features make them a top pick. These stands let you perch high with confidence, blending seamlessly into nature. The choice is clear, from beginners to experts, Summit stands are the talk of the forest.

  • Stability: Feels like standing on solid ground.
  • Comfort: Hunt for hours without the aches.
  • Ease of Use: Set up is speedy and simple.

Purpose Behind Tree Stand Evolution

The evolution of tree stands is a tale of innovation. Hunters demanded stands that could do more. Summit listened and delivered. Moving past the basics, the goal was clear: enhance the hunt without compromising safety.

Feature Benefit
Lightweight Materials Easier transport through the woods.
Adjustable Heights Custom views for better shots.
Silent Operation Keep quiet; stay unnoticed.
Summit Goliath SD vs Ultra: Climbing Stand Showdown


Initial Impressions

Initial impressions can set the stage for any comparison, and the battle between the Summit Goliath SD and Summit Ultra tree stands is no exception. Out of the box, both stands boast qualities that any seasoned hunter would look for: sturdiness, comfort, and a design that promises stealth and reliability in the wild. Let’s break down how these two contenders stack up in our initial review.

Design Comparison

At first glance, the Summit Goliath SD, with its larger platform and seat, suggests superior comfort for extended hunts. It’s built to accommodate larger hunters or those who prefer extra room. The Summit Ultra, on the other hand, focuses on a sleek design for easy maneuverability. It features a minimalist approach, potentially offering less visual obstruction for game.

Weight And Portability

The weight of your tree stand is critical, especially when you’re trekking through the woods. The Summit Ultra shines with its lightweight frame, making it an ideal choice for hunters who cover long distances on foot. In contrast, the Goliath SD is slightly heavier, yet still manageable, implying a trade-off between weight and comfort.

Feature Summit Goliath SD Summit Ultra
Weight 21 lbs 18 lbs
Portability Better for short moves Optimized for long treks
  • Goliath SD: Equipped with backpack straps for easier transport.
  • Summit Ultra: Minimalist design aids in swift, quiet deployment.

Comfort And Space

When choosing the perfect tree stand, comfort and space are key for a successful hunt. In the vast world of tree stands, the Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra are two contenders that stand out. They promise not just safety and reliability but also the comfort that can make all the difference during those long hours in the wild. Let’s delve into how they stack up in terms of seat design, cushioning, and platform size.

Seat Design And Cushioning

The right seat is like a throne in the woods. The Summit Goliath SD shines with its ample seating. Its design aims to provide support and ease for extended sits.

  • Wide backrest ensures posture is maintained
  • Thick foam cushioning offers sustained comfort
  • Adjustable seat height allows for personalized fit

Meanwhile, the Summit Ultra focuses on the minimalist approach. Lightweight and less bulky, it ensures you can stay nimble in the tree.

  • Stress on minimalism without sacrificing support
  • Lean design betters hunter mobility
  • Smaller profile, yet enough cushioning for comfort

Platform Size And Footrest

A spacious platform can make or break your hunting experience.

Feature Summit Goliath SD Summit Ultra
Platform Size Larger for extra maneuverability Compact for simplicity
Footrest Integrated for ultimate relaxation Optional, catering to preference
Space for Gear Enough to keep essentials within reach Sufficient for minimal gear

The Goliath SD’s footrest provides a perch for tired feet. You can stretch out, stay alert, and wait for that perfect shot.

The Ultra, while snugger, offers an adequate platform and an optional footrest for those who prefer a more streamlined setup.

Safety Features

Safety remains paramount for hunters perched high off the ground. The Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra strive to ensure your security during every hunt. Every feature contributes to a worry-free experience, leaving you to focus solely on the prey below.

Harness Systems

High-quality harnesses are vital for tree stand safety. Both the Goliath SD and Ultra feature the Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness System. Reliable and user-friendly, these systems catch you during an unexpected fall, providing peace of mind.

  • Quick-release buckles make for easy on-and-off.
  • The harnesses are adjustable to suit different body sizes.
  • It includes a safety strap for added security.

Stability And Locking Mechanisms

Stability ensures your stand stays firm while you shift and move. The Summit Goliath SD boasts an expansive platform for solid footing. The Ultra, while lighter, also provides a sturdy base.

Feature Goliath SD Ultra
Locking Mechanisms Dead Metal Sound Dampening Technology QuickDraw Cable Retention System
Platform Frame Wide Aluminum Compact Aluminum

Both stands feature SummitLokt technology. Critical joints lock together to prevent noise and increase strength.

  1. The Goliath SD uses RapidClimb Stirrups to secure your boots.
  2. The Ultra employs a Silent Secure Technology for stealth.

Ease Of Use

‘Ease of Use’ makes or breaks your tree stand experience. A good day in the wild? It starts with a stand that’s stress-free to manage. Let’s dive into comparing the Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra when it comes to user-friendliness.

Setup Process

Painless installation is key to any tree stand. Summit Goliath SD prides itself on a straightforward setup. You get clear instructions and a quick install. The Summit Ultra isn’t far behind, with a design that focuses on getting you ready faster.

  • Time-saving features for swift assembly
  • Simple attach and secure mechanism
  • Lightweight components for easy handling

Tree Size Compatibility

Tree size should never be a barrier. The Goliath SD offers versatile grip on various tree diameters. The Ultra follows suit, with an adjustable design to hug trees tight. Check out this quick comparison:

Tree Stand Model Minimum Tree Size Maximum Tree Size
Summit Goliath SD 8 inches 20 inches
Summit Ultra 8 inches 20 inches

Both stands shine with inclusive clamping systems. They deal well with diverse trees. So put your focus back on the hunt, not the size of your trees.

Summit Goliath SD vs Ultra: Climbing Stand Showdown


Durability And Maintenance

Seasoned tree stand enthusiasts understand the importance of durability and maintenance in their gear choices. The Summit Goliath SD and the Ultra are two stands that face off on these critical aspects. Let’s delve into how each model measures up in terms of materials, build quality, and the ease of keeping them in tip-top shape for seasons to come.

Materials And Build Quality

The Summit Goliath SD boasts a sturdy steel construction, providing a solid platform for hunters. It uses a special sound deadening (SD) technology to ensure a quiet hunt. The Ultra, while similar in build, emphasizes lightweight portability with its aluminum frame.

  • Summit Goliath SD: Heavier, sound-deadening steel.
  • Summit Ultra: Lighter, high-strength aluminum.

Long-term Maintenance

Over time, tree stands require attention to remain safe and effective. The Goliath’s weight demands more effort to inspect and maintain. Conversely, the Ultra’s aluminum frame is not only easier to handle but also more resistant to the elements, reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Tree Stand Main Features Maintenance Needs
Summit Goliath SD Sound-deadening steel, robust construction Regular checks for rust, lubrication of joints
Summit Ultra Lightweight aluminum, weather-resistant Occasional cleaning, check for structural integrity

Pricing And Value For Money

When choosing a climbing stand, value for money is key. The Summit Goliath SD and Summit Ultra are top contenders. Both have features that make hunting comfortable and safe. Yet, their costs differ. Understanding price and benefits is crucial for a smart buy.

Cost Comparison

The Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra have different price tags. The Goliath SD is often pricier due to its larger size and enhanced comfort features. On the other hand, the Summit Ultra focuses on being lightweight, affecting its cost positively.

Model Price Range
Summit Goliath SD Higher
Summit Ultra Lower

Warranty And Brand Support

Both stands come with reassuring warranty periods. Summit Outdoors provides excellent customer service. Users can expect solid warranties and responsive support for both Goliath SD and Ultra models.

  • Summit Goliath SD: Full warranty details online.
  • Summit Ultra: Includes similar warranty terms.

Check for specifics on Summit’s website or product manuals. Brand support features live chats, email, and phone assistance. These benefits factor into the stands’ overall value.

User Reviews And Feedback

When choosing between the Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra, reviews matter. Let’s dive into what users are saying about these climbing tree stands. We will cover ratings and common feedback for an informative comparison.

Customer Ratings

The Summit Goliath SD and the Summit Ultra have received high marks from outdoor enthusiasts. These stands boast impressive numbers, reflecting user satisfaction. On popular retail sites, they average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Common Praises And Complaints

Users often comment on these stands. Below are the most frequent praises and complaints:

Summit Goliath SD Summit Ultra
  • Comfort: Many users find the large platform and padded seat ideal for long sits.
  • Stability: The sturdy construction provides confidence while climbing.
  • Safety: The included harness and solid frame are often highlighted as top features.
  • Lightweight: Users love the easy transport due to the stand’s light weight.
  • Quiet: The design minimizes noise, a plus for hunters trying to stay undetected.
  • Compact: Easy to pack and set up, making it favorable for mobile hunters.
  • Weight: Some find it a bit heavy for long treks.
  • Size: Bulkier than some prefer, challenging to maneuver in tight areas.
  • Comfort: The smaller platform can be less comfortable for extended periods.
  • Capacity: Lower weight limit compared to the Goliath SD, an issue for some.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right climbing tree stand is a pivotal decision for any hunting aficionado. The Summit Goliath SD and Summit Viper Ultra hold high reputations within the community. Each model boasts unique features designed for comfort, stealth, and safety. Let’s consider their pros and cons to ascertain which stand could enhance your hunting experience.

Pros And Cons

Feature Summit Goliath SD Summit Viper Ultra
Weight Capacity 350 lbs 300 lbs
Platform Size Larger Smaller
Comfort Padded seat Less padding
Portability Heavier Lightweight
Price Higher More affordable
  • Summit Goliath SD’s wider frame provides extra space and support.
  • The Summit Viper Ultra is simpler to carry through the woods.
  • Increased comfort on the Goliath SD could mean longer sits.
  • The Viper Ultra’s design offers a balance between cost and functionality.

Verdict And Recommendations

After considering the characteristics of both the Goliath SD and the Viper Ultra, a verdict becomes clearer. If support and comfort are your top priority, the Goliath SD stands out. Its robust frame and plush seating align with extended periods of use.

The Viper Ultra, on the other hand, excels in portability and affordability. This stand is the go-to for hunters who trek further into the wilderness and are mindful of their budget.

  1. For larger-bodied individuals or those who prize comfort over all, choose the Goliath SD.
  2. For the active hunter who moves frequently, the lighter Viper Ultra is the better pick.

Both stands hold merit, but your individual needs will dictate the ideal choice. Weigh these aspects carefully, and select the tree stand that will serve you best in the field.

Summit Goliath SD vs Ultra: Climbing Stand Showdown


Frequently Asked Questions For Summit Goliath Sd Vs Ultra

What Are The Key Differences Between Summit Goliath Sd And Ultra?

The Summit Goliath SD is heavier, offering enhanced comfort and a larger platform. The Ultra is lighter, designed for easier transportation in the field. Both cater to different hunter preferences regarding weight and convenience.

How Much Does The Summit Goliath Sd Weigh?

The Summit Goliath SD tree stand weighs around 25 pounds. It’s built for stability and comfort, supporting up to 350 pounds.

Is The Summit Ultra Suitable For Long Hunting Sessions?

Yes, the Summit Ultra is designed for comfort during long sits. It features a cushioned seat and backrest, promoting endurance and alertness in the field.

What’s The Weight Limit For The Summit Ultra Tree Stand?

The Summit Ultra can support a weight limit of up to 300 pounds. Its construction balances lightweight design with sufficient strength.


Deciding between the Summit Goliath SD and Ultra comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Each offers reliability and comfort for avid hunters. Reflect on the features discussed, such as weight capacity and mobility, and choose the stand that aligns with your hunting style.

Embrace your next adventure with confidence, knowing you’ve selected the right Summit for you.

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