7 Best Spotting Scope For Hunting of 2024

Best Spotting Scope For Hunting

Gosky 20 60x60 HD Spotting Scope With TripodAs any seasoned hunter will attest, a crucial ally in the pursuit of game is a top-notch spotting scope. The right spotting scope can transform your hunting experience, offering unparalleled magnification, clarity, and durability to bring distant targets into sharp focus.

In the realm of hunting optics, selecting the best spotting scope is a decision that can significantly impact your success afield. Whether you’re an avid hunter seeking the perfect vantage point or a wildlife enthusiast yearning to witness nature’s wonders up close, the importance of a reliable spotting scope cannot be overstated.

This guide is your gateway to discovering the best spotting scopes for hunting, delving into features, specifications, and expert insights to ensure you make an informed choice tailored to your specific needs. So, gear up and prepare to elevate your hunting pursuits with the optimal optics companion – your ticket to a closer, clearer view of the wild. Our recommendation for the best spotting scope for hunting is GoskyHD 20-60×60 Spotting Scope


Top 7 Best Spotting Scope For Hunting (2024)

1. GoskyHD 20-60×60 Spotting Scope – top pick

Gosky 20 60x60 HD Spotting Scope With Tripod

This 20-60×60 Spotting scope from Gosky is our top pick as the best spotting scope for hunting , and the truth is that it comes with plenty of extras and bonus features which compels you to go for. As an illustration, it has adjustable and powerful zoom magnification which is 20-60x that enables you to focus on the target and then zoom for subtle detail. This magnification is perfect for hunting, target shooting, archery, wildlife watching, bird watching, camping, hiking, and astronomical observation, among others. It has fully multi-coated lens which provides the right field of view even when the subject is about 50-110ft/1000 yards.

Furthermore, the high-quality Porro BAK4 prism optics help to increase the transmission light to deliver clear, high-contrast, and bright images during the low-light condition. There is 45-degree angled eyepiece which helps this spotting scope much to provide more comfortable viewing of the target subject. In the same way, high-quality and durable framework rubber armour offers shockproof grip, long-lasting external protection, and non-slip grip. Also, this helps the spotting scope to withstand any severe weather condition. There is the eyepiece shield which can stretch out to protect the eyepiece. Also, the O-ring seals are used to prevent any dust, debris and moisture that can penetrate the spotting scope to give a reliable performance at any environment.

Similarly, this spotting scope for hunting has the smartphone digiscoping adapter, which enables you to take the videos and photos of anything you have viewed. This is done by bringing the nature very close to you to explore the distance world very quickly using the phone screen. There is the tripod which provides more stable observation at any angle you place the scope. For convenient maintenance when carrying it around, it comes with cleaning cloth, lens and eyepiece protection covers, manual, and a carry case.


  • Durable framework
  • Has high-quality rubber armor
  • Retractable sunshade
  • Has excellent optics
  • Enthusiast customers’ reviews
  • Amazing price for its specs


  • Troublesome can happen during packaging

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2. Vortex Diamondback Optics Spotting Scopes

Best Spotting Scope For Hunting

For the incredible high-end optical and glassing performance, make this spotting scope from Vortex to be the 2nd best spotting scope for hunting. As an illustration, it has a fully multi-coated XR lens which is combined with the built-in and retractable sunshade to give users a clear image and excellent light transmission. There is a twist-and-lock collar which enables you to move the spotting scope for different glassing position. The adjustable eye cup twists down and up to maximize comfort during use. Equally, the powerful zoom eyepiece makes this product to be convenient for a smooth and easy way of focusing on the animals.

Moreover, the presence of nitrogen and O-ring sealed purged deliver a fog-proof and waterproof performance to avoid any damage. To make it unique, it has a rubber armor which makes it grip and durable when using it. Even with this feature, it is not recommended to dip it in water for an extended period for it can be damaged. Also, the magnification is 20-60x, which is excellent for giving a quality performance at any size you want. The adjustable eye cup and movable collar features of this spotting scope make its performance easy because you can position it in any direction.

Similarly, this spotting scope has the eye-relief of 0.78 inches, which make it excellent for parents with the glasses. There is the comfort level which is provided by this product that makes it comparable with the premium brand you can buy. Diamondback is also another feature which makes it unique to deliver acceptable and reliable mid-range performance. Also, the glass has a premium multi-coated construction which makes it paramount for powerful optical performance. If you need something that will not frustrate you in the future, go for this product for it is a solid choice.


  • Has reliable performance
  • Acceptable mid-range performance
  • 60mm multi-coated lens
  • It is affordable
  • Numerous adjustable features
  • Waterproof and fog-proof exterior


  • Inferior quality controls
  • Hard to focus during a higher magnification level

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3. Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scopes

Best Hunting Spotting Scope

Vertex has come up with this unique product which is known for incredible features like high end optical and glassing performance. In particular, it has an HD optical system which is consist of the premium components which generate bright high-definition images that can be watched by any person. The exterior surfaces and XR anti-reflective coatings help one to get the splendid view even during the situation when it is low-light like our top pick GoskyHD 20-60×60 Spotting Scope . In the same way, there is a smooth helical focus which helps to dial in the image for an ultra-sharp viewing and also to maintain the trim profile for the final package.

Furthermore, this best spotting scope for hunters has a built-in sunshade which is used to assist in pulling out and reduce the glare. Also, there is multi-position eyecup which is there to provide right eye relief as the locking collar enables the spotting scope to rotate to different positions of view. In a like manner, it has argon purged, and O-ring sealed that offers excellent performance in terms of fog-proof and waterproof. There are Armortek coatings which protect the lens against scratches, dirt, and oil when being used in the field. The rubber armor is there to enhance both grip and durability for the user.

Subsequently, there is an HD optical system that includes the premium components which generate bright and high-definition images. The advantage of this spotting scope is that it brings the far-off objects to a closer view which has an impressive resolution, color fidelity, and clarity. Even more, it has ultra smooth sleek and fluid helical-style focus dial to the image that gives ultra sharp viewing and also keeps the profile trim of the spotting scope for the ultimate package. With the help of the magnification lens, which is 80x, the subjects appear bright even in the far distance.


  • Quality optical lens
  • Enhance durability and grip
  • High magnification of 80x
  • Dustproof and waterproof body
  • Compact and portable
  • Classy image reproduction


  • It is costly
  • Doesn’t come with an eyepiece

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4. Celestron M2 100ED Regal Spotting Scope

best spotting scope for hunting reviews

When it comes to the best top spotting scope for hunting, go for the product from Celestron because it comes with a quality objective lens. For instance, it has extra-low dispersion optical glasses with a unique dispersion property which is used to reduce the chromatic aberration, and render razor-sharp images with excellent color correction. This will make you enjoy the true-to-life color with enhanced contrast and resolution. Besides, it is fully multi-coated with XLT optical coatings that are used to maximize the transmission of light through a visual path for the brighter images. This makes it more significant to the field gear.

Moreover, it has zoom eyepiece of 22-67x and astronomical eyepiece of 1.25, which make the spotting scope have the perfect viewing of the animals. The rotating tripod mount enables you to station the eyepiece at most suitable viewing angle which you are comfortable at. Also, there is a dual focus mechanism which is upgraded to allow you to bring the subject to a focus at two times faster than the normal spotting scope. There are essentials which are used to facilitate better viewing like eyepiece cover, padded view-through case, storage covers, and an objective cover for the eyepiece port and the eyepiece.

Additionally, this spotting scope comes with the T-mount adapter, which is used to attach the DSLR camera for the Digi scoping, instruction manual, and cleaning cloth. You need not worry because this product is crafted from the premium materials. Likewise, it has a two-year warranty which gives you the confidence of this product when buying and using it because where there is any defect during that period you can return it to the seller. Above all, there is unlimited access to the technical support team who are based in the US that answer any technical questions about the product which can happen when using this spotting scope.


  • Give a bright image
  • Impressive tech features and specs
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Take stunning pictures
  • Unlimited access to the technical support
  • Facilitates better viewing


  • The camera weight may break the eyepiece

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5. Celestron 80 Angled Ultima Spotting Scope

best spotting scope for hunting out west

For a quality image that is required when you are hunting dear, this is the right product to have because it offers impressive tech specs and high-quality experience together with affordable price. Notably, it has a 45° viewing angle and 80mm objective lens which offer long-distance viewing and make the nature observation perfect. It is multi-coated in every lens and anti-reflective coatings which help to improve the image’s contrast and color and also maximize brightness. This helps you to enjoy sharper and brighter picture even when the ambient lighting condition is dim.

Besides, this spotting scope has better viewing essentials that include, the zoom eyepiece integrated with T-adapter for digi scoping, tripod mounting plate, eyepiece lens cap, and the carrying case. Similarly, there is a large focus dial which enables you to bring the subject into the razor-sharp focus even before it is moved away. Also, there is zoom eyepiece which assists you to narrow down to the detailed views of the distance animal within some seconds. The essentials such as eyepiece port cover, eyepiece lens cap, eyepiece pouch, instruction manual, and a lens cloth are very crucial to the functionality of this spotting scope.

Indeed, it has an armored and rugged exterior which offer protection again any hard field of use regardless of whether you go to watch the bird, explore the nature, go hunting or adventure in the outdoor activities. The presence of the BAK-4 prisms offers excellent light transmission when you are capturing the image of the subject. It comes with a two-year warranty which makes everyone who is buying and using this product confidence because there is a room from replacing it if any defect offer within the warranty time. With the same token, there is unlimited access to the technical support who are there to answer any question that the user can have during the usage process.


  • Durable and portable housing
  • Completely fog-proof and waterproof
  • Easily attach to the camera
  • Has a sleek design
  • Great tech specs at affordable price
  • Suitable for those who wear glasses


  • It may generate the chromatic aberrations

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6. Meade 126001 Instruments Wilderness Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scope For Hunting 2021

Those people who want the spotting scope for hunting can go for this product from Meade because of fine details that are required by hunters, bird watchers, and also those outdoor love activities. Notably, it has high-quality zoom Porto and 20-60 power prism binoculars which can be used for many years without the fear of any damage. The rugged rubber armor is crucial for it to protect the spotting scope when you are using it in the field in case there is any external factor that can damage it. Also, it has a significant objective which is 80mm gathers a considerable amount of light to give bright and detailed images.

Subsequently, the high-quality index BaK-4 prisms and precision-ground lenses are coated with anti-reflection and multiple layers that facilitate quality image. Not to mention this, it is nitrogen purged, fog-proof, and waterproof, which ensure there is an excellent performance even for many years irrespective of the environment. Also, the magnifications objective is 20-60x that provide there are detailed and bright images to give top viewing experience. There is sliding sunshade used to reduce the glare. What is more, it has the standard threaded holes of ¼-20 which make it ready to be mounted on the tripod.

Subsequently, this best spotting scope for astronomy comes with a soft case, nylon carrying bag, the camera adapter, and the lens cleaning cloth. The adjustable knob makes it easy for the scope to turn to any direction you want to focus, which help to cover a wide area at one point. More importantly, it is user friendly, which means every beginner can learn how to use it very fast and start to zoom the subject. The image captured in crystal bright like real image, which makes many people go for this product.


  • It is very affordable
  • Has adjustable knob
  • Easy to grip
  • Crystal clear images
  • It is user friendly
  • Provide detailed and bright images


  • It is a bit heavy

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7. BARSKA Gladiator Waterproof 20-60×90 Straight Spotting Scope

best spotting scope for hunting under $500

Barska has come up with this product which is paramount for anyone buying it because of the fantastic features. In particular, it has versatile and powerful 20-60x magnification which enable you to zoom the target closely and with details easily. There is multi-coated optics, large objective lenses that are 90mm, and BK-7 prism which bring crystal clear and bright views. What is more, there is rubber armor which is ergonomically designed to make the spotting scopes hock proof, fog-proof, reliable, and waterproof in demanding conditions. In a like manner, it has the integrated tripod mount which fits the standard mounting tripod screws that ensure the steady view in any situation.

Moreover, this spotting scope is compact and portable, which make it convenient to transport and store it. The presence of O-ring sealed help to ensure there is full waterproof protection and also Dry nitrogen- sealed and purged which prevent it from fogging, moisture damage, and clouding. Above all, there is a massive objective lens and multi-coated optics which increase the light gathering ability hence deliver a brighter image even in low-light conditions.

With this spotting scope for hunting, you will also get rubberized shock-absorb armor offering a harsh inside and a grippy outside. The tripod is sturdy and multi-adjustable, which has a quick-release platform. Likewise, there are optics which are 100mm objective lens and fully multi-coated which offer bright and clear sight picture. The level of magnification is 20-60x, which make it convenient to zoom any animal which is at any distance. Similarly, it has the carrying case which helps you to carry the load it with a lot of ease.


  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Protect against bumps and short drops
  • The massive lens gives the excellent exit pupil
  • Has excellent optics
  • Powerful magnification spread
  • Great depth and clarity


Very large and heavy

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Factors to consider when buying the Best spotting scope for hunting


Best Spotting Scope

The spotting scope for hunting is generally found in different forms, which include angled body and straight body. The angled body is ideal for viewing flat terrain or elevated objects, and the straight body is suitable for viewing objects which are on the higher ground. Generally, both of these types should work very well in common situations. They are known for having different magnification capacity. You need to choose the right type according to the terrain you will be during the hunting.


When buying the spotting scope for hunting, you need to consider the lens. When considering the size and quality of a lens, always pay attention to quality. The size is not necessarily when it comes to lenses used in the spotting scope. Choose the larger lens only if the quality is the same for both. In this case, the larger lens provides better image quality and magnification. However, if the lens is bigger, it will mean the spotting scope will be more expensive.


You will find that the spotting scope for hunting with high performance has the maximum magnification of around 100x. However, most products in the market have an upper ceiling of about 60 to 80x. In most situations, you will need the magnification of 30 to 40. As a result, many market sectors offer sufficient performance of the spotting scope. If you need better quality, search for the spotting scopes with bigger lenses.

Lens coating

The manufacturers coat the objective lens with a special substance that is used to improve its performance. These substances improve the glass’ lighting transmitting capacity. At higher magnifications, this can have a significant impact on image quality. Options include full coat, multi-coat, and full multi-coat to increase the performance and quality.

Hunting Spotting Scope Reviews


The spotting scope is generally straight and angled. With the straight type, the body and the eyepiece are aligned in one optical plane. For the angled type, the eyepiece is 45 degrees from the body, providing the angular line of sight relative to the straight type. The aligned spotting scope is very comfortable, particularly when lying or sitting down, regardless of height.


The spotting scope for hunting has special prisms that are inside, which is used for flipping the image. Typically, there are two types of prisms commonly used: roof prism and Porro prism. The roof prism is found on the lightweight and compact scope, but some functions are missing, such as the interchangeable lens. Also, the Porro prism efficiency focuses more attention on portability. Generally, these prisms are very common and also cheaper.


Some spotting scopes have a removable eyepiece, whereas there are others which have fixed eyepiece. For the high-end scopes, the removable spotting scopes are widely used, and the eyepiece is generally not available in the packaging. This enables you to select the desired eyepiece instead of ending with the standard piece. Essentially, zoom eyepieces are useful because they offer excellent quality and image relief.

Protective casing

The spotting scope is required to withstand forests, rough, and woods. Therefore, if possible, always look for the models with a waterproof, dustproof, and foolproof exterior. The nitrogen-purged bodies and O-rings seals are standard for this niche. The optics require maximum protection against dust and moisture. Otherwise, the quality of the image will be significantly affected.

FAQs on “Best Spotting Scope For Hunting”

  1. What makes a spotting scope suitable for hunting?

    • A spotting scope suitable for hunting should have features such as high magnification, excellent optical clarity, and a durable construction to withstand varying weather conditions. Look for models that provide a clear and bright image even in low-light settings.
  2. What is the ideal magnification range for hunting purposes?

    • The ideal magnification range depends on the type of hunting you do. Generally, a spotting scope with a variable magnification of 20x to 60x is versatile enough for various hunting scenarios, allowing you to observe both distant and nearby targets effectively.
  3. How important is the objective lens diameter in a spotting scope?

    • The objective lens diameter determines the amount of light the scope can gather, impacting image brightness. For hunting in different lighting conditions, consider a spotting scope with a larger objective lens (e.g., 80mm) to ensure optimal clarity, especially during dawn or dusk.
  4. Is waterproofing and fog-proofing essential for a hunting spotting scope?

    • Yes, waterproofing and fog-proofing are crucial features, especially for hunters who may encounter diverse weather conditions. These features protect the scope from moisture, ensuring a clear view in rain, snow, or humid environments.
  5. What should be considered when evaluating the durability of a spotting scope for hunting?

    • Durability is key for hunting scopes. Look for models with rugged construction, preferably with features like rubber armor for shock resistance. Additionally, a nitrogen-purged or O-ring sealed design prevents water, dust, and debris from entering the scope.
  6. Are angled or straight spotting scopes better for hunting?

    • Choosing between angled and straight scopes depends on personal preference and the hunting environment. Angled scopes are often preferred for group viewing and are more comfortable for extended use. Straight scopes, on the other hand, are quicker to use for spotting targets at eye level.
  7. What additional features should I consider for a hunting spotting scope?

    • Consider features like a built-in sunshade to reduce glare, an extendable eyecup for comfortable viewing, and a rotating tripod collar for flexibility in positioning. Some models may also come with image stabilization technology or specialized coatings for enhanced image quality.


The world of a spotting scope for hunting is full of wonders, extraordinary targets, wonderful views, and extraordinary results. Taking a spotting scope with you is amazing, especially the adaptability of a smartphone and a life-changing experience. If you’re shooting with them, you will not go shopping for any other product. These top 7 best spotting scope for hunting offer good performance features, with each exceptional delivering results.

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