28 Nosler vs 300 RUM 2: Ballistic Battle Royale

The 28 Nosler and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) are both high-powered rifle cartridges. They offer impressive range and energy for long-range shooting and big game hunting.

Comparing the 28 Nosler with the 300 RUM involves assessing two of the most potent long-range cartridges available to shooters and hunters. The 28 Nosler, a more recent introduction, provides exceptional ballistics with a smaller bore diameter, while the 300 RUM, known for its incredible power, has a longer track record and a slightly larger caliber.

Both cartridges push the limits of distance and terminal performance, making them top choices for dedicated sportsmen seeking to tackle vast open environments and large game species. These cartridges’ considerations include availability, rifle platform compatibility, recoil, and specific hunting or shooting requirements, ensuring a tailored shooting experience.

28 Nosler vs 300 RUM 2: Ballistic Battle Royale

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Introducing The Contenders: 28 Nosler Vs 300 Rum

When comparing high-powered rifles, the 28 Nosler and the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) often lead the pack. Each offers unique advantages to hunters and shooters alike. The nuances between the two can impact a shooter’s experience. We’ll delve into the histories and capabilities of both to see which might come out on top for your specific needs.

Birth Of The 28 Nosler

The 28 Nosler, introduced in 2015, quickly caught the attention of long-range shooting enthusiasts. It gains its prestige from tailor-made ballistics offering shooters speed, energy, and precision. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Boasts a high velocity for flat shooting
  • Designed with a large case capacity
  • Handles aerodynamic bullets well

300 Remington Ultra Magnum’s Legacy

The 300 Remington Ultra Magnum has been a favorite since the late 1990s. Its heritage is known for power and reach, making it a go-to for hunters pursuing big game at long distances.

Feature 300 RUM Advantage
Cartridge Capacity Exceptionally large, pushing heavy bullets
Performance High energy delivery at long ranges
Application Ideal for the biggest game animals

Technical Tale Of The Tape

When comparing two powerhouse rifle cartridges like the 28 Nosler vs. the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM), every detail counts. In the “Technical Tale of the Tape,” we’ll dissect the specifics, showcasing the engineering behind these ballistic behemoths.

Cartridge Case And Design

The 28 Nosler and 300 RUM each boast unique features. Let’s peek under the hood to examine their build:

  • 28 Nosler: Introduced in 2015, its case design allows for efficient powder burn and minimal recoil.
  • 300 RUM: Belonging to the Remington Ultra Magnum family, it offers a larger case capacity driving bullets to higher velocities.

Both rounds utilize a belted magnum design, but here’s where their paths diverge:

Feature 28 Nosler 300 RUM
Max Pressure 65,000 PSI 65,000 PSI
Case Capacity Slightly less than 300 RUM More than 28 Nosler
Overall Length 3.340 Inches 3.600 Inches

Factory Loadings And Availability

Availability and variety of ammunition are crucial for shooters. Let’s scan the market scene for these two titans:

Aspect 28 Nosler 300 RUM
Factory Loads Multiple options, gaining popularity Widely available, diverse selections
Bullet Weight Range 140-175 grains 150-220 grains
Retail Availability Good and improving Excellent, due to longer market presence

The 300 RUM is a seasoned player with abundant choices. The 28 Nosler, a relative newcomer, is quickly closing the gap with impressive factory loadings.

Velocity And Trajectory Throwdown

When it comes to rifle calibers, especially those favored by long-range hunters and shooters, the discussion of velocity and trajectory always heats up. Fans of the 28 Nosler and the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) often debate which cartridge has the upper hand. Let’s dive into a thorough ‘Velocity and Trajectory Throwdown’ where these two ballistic titans clash.

High-velocity Comparisons

Speed is a critical factor for both calibers. But which cartridge pushes the limits? Let’s look at some high-velocity comparisons.

Cartridge Muzzle Velocity (fps)
28 Nosler 3,200 – 3,300
.300 RUM 3,100 – 3,200

On paper, the 28 Nosler slightly outpaces the .300 RUM with a higher average muzzle velocity. This can translate to a flatter trajectory and potentially less wind drift.

Long Range Trajectory Analysis

Long-range shooting demands precision. The trajectory of a bullet over distance becomes increasingly important.

  • 28 Nosler often retains energy well due to its aerodynamic bullet designs.
  • .300 RUM uses heavier bullets, delivering more downrange energy.

Let’s compare their trajectories at 500 yards with a standard projectile:

Cartridge Drop at 500 Yards (inches)
28 Nosler -29.6
.300 RUM -31.2

The 28 Nosler takes a slight advantage in trajectory, dropping less at 500 yards. This comparison showcases why many marksmen favor it for long-range precision.

28 Nosler vs 300 RUM 2: Ballistic Battle Royale

Credit: www.pistolandpawn.com

Energy And Stopping Power Showdown

The Energy and Stopping Power Showdown is a head-to-head battle between the 28 Nosler and the 300 RUM. These two powerful cartridges stir up heated debates among experienced hunters and shooting enthusiasts. Let’s dive into their ballistic capabilities and see which one truly holds the trump card on energy impact and knockdown force.

Downrange Energy Analysis

The gritty details of downrange energy really separate the men from the boys in rifle cartridges. With more energy, targets at further distances can be engaged effectively.

Range (yards) 28 Nosler Energy (ft-lbs) 300 RUM Energy (ft-lbs)
100 3,500+ 4,000+
300 2,800+ 3,200+
500 2,200+ 2,600+

At every range, the 300 RUM demonstrates a higher energy reading. This implies a significant advantage in downrange stopping power.

Hunting Applications

  • 28 Nosler excels in long-range shooting with less recoil.
  • 300 RUM overwhelms with high energy for tougher game.

The 300 RUM’s brute force makes it ideal for larger game such as elk or moose, especially in situations where dense brush might dampen impact. The 28 Nosler, with its impressive energy retention and flatter trajectory, is suited for precision on medium-sized game at long distances.

Each cartridge has its niche, depending on the hunting scenario and the shooter’s comfort with recoil. The choice often boils down to personal preference and game hunted.

Accuracy And Precision Faceoff

Welcome to the ultimate showdown between two juggernauts in the long-range shooting arena: the 28 Nosler versus the 300 RUM (Remington Ultra Magnum). Precision and accuracy are both king in the world of sharpshooting. Yet, understanding how each caliber performs under scrutiny can be the key to choosing the right round for your needs. Let’s dive into what makes these two round competitors stand out in the accuracy and precision faceoff.

Barrel Life And Accuracy

Barrel life directly influences accuracy over time—one shot might be perfect, but can the performance hold up over hundreds or even thousands of rounds? The 28 Nosler has a reputation for being tough on barrels, with high-velocity rounds that can wear down rifling faster. Expect an average life span from a barrel shooting 28 Nosler to be around 1000 to 1500 rounds. In contrast, the 300 RUM can offer slightly longer barrel life, often reaching upwards of 2000 rounds before accuracy slumps.

Caliber Barrel Life (approx.) Factor Influencing Barrel Wear
28 Nosler 1000-1500 rounds High velocity
300 RUM >2000 rounds Cartridge design

Precision Shooting Scenarios

To truly grasp the capabilities of each round, considering various precision shooting scenarios reveals much about their suitability. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Long-Range Hunting: Both rounds excel, but the 28 Nosler offers a flatter trajectory.
  • Extreme Long-Range: The 300 RUM’s heavier bullet options stabilize well, performing superbly beyond 1000 yards.
  • Benchrest Shooting: When minimal wind drift is crucial, the high ballistic coefficient of the 300 RUM shines.

Each scenario demands precision, and shooter skill always plays a pivotal role. The 28 Nosler and 300 RUM both offer exceptional capabilities, with a slight edge in specific conditions that may tip the scales in their favor. The critical point is matching your purpose with the performance qualities of each round.

Cost And Availability Dilemma

When choosing between the 28 Nosler and the 300 RUM, cost and availability are major factors. Both cartridges offer distinct advantages. Yet, their cost and how easy they are to find can sway a shooter’s decision. Investing in either caliber involves looking beyond just the price tag on the box of shells. It requires an understanding of long-term costs and market trends.

Ammunition And Reloading Costs

For shooters, ammunition costs can add up. The 28 Nosler and 300 RUM are no exception. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 28 Nosler rounds are typically more expensive than common hunting cartridges
  • 300 RUM can also demand a premium, especially for high-quality rounds

Reloading becomes a popular option for these cartridges:

  • Bullets: Comparable in cost, but availability may vary
  • Powder: 28 Nosler often uses less, potentially saving money
  • Brass: 300 RUM brass tends to be more readily available

Rifle Choices And Customizations

When it comes to rifles, the two cartridges offer different paths. Understanding these options helps in making an informed choice:

Rifle Choices
  • 28 Nosler rifles are less common, with fewer off-the-shelf options
  • 300 RUM is supported by several major manufacturers

Customizations cater to shooting preferences:

  • Custom rifle builds are more common with the 28 Nosler
  • 300 RUM shooters may find more factory custom options

Each choice impacts cost and long-term satisfaction.

Final Verdict: Which Reigns Supreme?

In the pursuit of the perfect long-range cartridge, the debate between the 28 Nosler and the 300 RUM often heats up. Both calibers deliver stunning performance, but choosing the ultimate champion requires a closer look at user preferences and expert insights.

User Preferences And Suitability

Choosing the right caliber depends on individual needs and shooting scenarios. The 28 Nosler, known for its precision and speed, caters to hunters and shooters seeking agility in the field. The 300 RUM, with its heavier bullet options, offers the power needed for larger game and long-distance shots.

  • 28 Nosler: Agile with a flat trajectory
  • 300 RUM: Hard-hitting with versatile load choices

Suitability is key, and here’s how they stack up:

Factor 28 Nosler 300 RUM
Ammunition Availability Good Variable
Recoil Manageable Hefty
Application Medium to Large Game Large to Very Large Game

Expert Shooter Insights

Experts often tilt the scale through in-depth analysis and real-world experience.

Seasoned marksmen appreciate the 28 Nosler’s ease of use and efficiency for extended hunting trips. Contrarily, the 300 RUM finds a special place among those who prioritize downrange energy and impact.

  1. 28 Nosler: Favored for long, precise shots
  2. 300 RUM: Chosen for uncompromising power

Recoil sensitivity and weapon platform also play crucial roles in this decision. The 28 Nosler might be the choice for most, yet the 300 RUM’s followers value its brute force and are willing to shoulder the kick.

So, which reigns supreme? Both calibers have ardent followers; the 28 Nosler shines in agility and handling, while the 300 RUM leads in raw power and reach. The crown goes to the caliber that best matches the shooter’s needs.

28 Nosler vs 300 RUM 2: Ballistic Battle Royale

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Frequently Asked Questions For 28 Nosler Vs 300 Rum 2

What’s The Difference Between 28 Nosler And 300 Rum?

28 Nosler is generally faster and flatter shooting with lighter bullets. In contrast, the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) offers higher energy retention with heavier bullets. Both are long-range cartridges, but the 28 Nosler is known for its higher velocity while the 300 RUM provides more knockdown power at extended ranges.

Which Is Better For Long-range Shooting?

For long-range precision, the 28 Nosler may have an edge due to its flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift. Its high velocity and efficient case design are advantageous for hitting distant targets. However, the 300 RUM’s heavier projectiles can also perform exceptionally well at range, but may have more recoil.

Can You Use 28 Nosler For Big Game Hunting?

Absolutely, the 28 Nosler is an excellent choice for big game hunting. It delivers enough energy and penetration for large animals. It’s suitable for deer, elk, and even moose, with proper bullet selection. Hunters value it for both its reach and power.

How Does The 300 Rum Perform On Elk?

The 300 RUM is a powerhouse for elk hunting, providing significant energy and deep penetration with heavier bullets. It’s capable of taking down elk at long distances, ensuring ethical kills due to its potent stopping power. This makes it a favored choice among many experienced elk hunters.


The 28 Nosler and the 300 RUM each offer unique benefits. Ballistic performance and specific hunting scenarios guide your choice. Assess your shooting style and game targets to decide wisely. Both calibers promise power and precision, ensuring a successful hunt with the right approach.

Choose what suits your needs best, and enjoy the hunt.

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