Taurus PT 738 Problems: Common Issues & Fixes

Taurus Pt 738 Problems

Taurus PT 738 pistols can experience misfeeds and trigger issues. Maintenance lapses often exacerbate these common problems.

The Taurus PT 738, known as the TCP, is a popular compact handgun, prized for its lightweight design and reliability as a conceal carry weapon. Owners sometimes report problems that include misfeeds, difficulty in trigger pull, and occasional breakdowns in the ejection mechanism.

Ensuring regular maintenance and using high-quality ammunition can help minimize these issues. Crafted to cater to both novice shooters and experienced gun enthusiasts, the PT 738 remains a viable choice for personal defense despite its potential hiccups. Proper handling and familiarity with the firearm’s cleaning regimen are key for optimal performance and longevity, making it critical for users to stay informed and proactive in their pistol’s upkeep.

Taurus PT 738 Problems: Common Issues & Fixes

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Taurus Pt 738 Basics

Taurus PT 738 Basics

The Taurus PT 738, also known as the TCP, is a compact handgun designed for personal defense and concealed carry. It has gained attention for its lightweight, small frame, and ease of use. In this section, we delve into the key specifications and explore the intended use and users of the Taurus PT 738.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications

The Taurus PT 738 TCP offers features that make it a practical choice for many gun owners. Here’s a quick look at those specs:

Caliber Action Capacity Barrel Length Weight Frame Material
.380 ACP Double-Action Only (DAO) 6+1 Rounds 2.84 inches 10.2 ounces Polymer
Intended Use and Users

Intended Use And Users

The Taurus PT 738 TCP is a tool for personal protection. Its small size makes it ideal for concealed carry. Users include:

  • Everyday citizens seeking a self-defense weapon
  • Law enforcement officers needing a backup gun
  • Those looking for a lightweight and compact firearm

This model caters to those who prioritize ease of carrying and handling in self-defense situations.

Taurus PT 738 Problems: Common Issues & Fixes

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Typical Functionality Issues

Typical Functionality Issues with the Taurus PT 738 seem rare but do present challenges when they occur. As a concealed carry favorite, the PT 738’s reliability is paramount. However, some users report occasional operational hiccups. Here, we’ll dive deep into the common issues this compact pistol might face during day-to-day use.

Failures To Feed Or Eject

Among the PT 738 users, feeding or ejection issues can be frustrating. Such problems may stem from:

  • Magazine malfunction: A damaged or dirty magazine can cause rounds to feed incorrectly.
  • Ammunition size: Using rounds that don’t meet manufacturer specs can lead to mishaps.
  • Limp wristing: Failing to hold the firearm firmly during discharge interrupts the cycling process.
  • Sprung springs: Weak springs in the gun might impede proper feeding and ejection of cartridges.

Troubleshooting often involves cleaning the gun or using different ammo. A visit to a gunsmith might also be necessary.

Misfire Complications

A misfire in a Taurus PT 738 disrupts the shooting experience and poses safety concerns. Root causes may include:

  1. Faulty firing pins: A worn or broken pin can lead to frequent misfires.
  2. Dirty chamber: Residue buildup can prevent proper cartridge detonation.
  3. Dud rounds: Defective ammunition sometimes fails to ignite.

To address misfires, regular maintenance and quality control of ammunition are essential. Replacing the firing pin or consulting with a professional may be necessary if misfires persist.

Ergonomic And Design Flaws

The Taurus PT 738, often praised for its compactness, faces criticism for ergonomic and design shortcomings. Users report discomfort and reduced performance due to these issues. We’ll delve into the specifics, particularly grip concerns and trigger mechanism complaints, to give you a comprehensive understanding of the potential downfalls when handling this firearm.

Grip Concerns

One of the primary ergonomic challenges of the Taurus PT 738 is its grip. Shooters have noted several issues:

  • Small Size: Individuals with larger hands often struggle to maintain a firm hold.
  • Slick Surface: The grip’s smooth texture can compromise control, especially in wet conditions.
  • Lack of Texturing: Absence of adequate texturing leads to a less secure grasp during use.

Trigger Mechanism Complaints

The trigger mechanism on the Taurus PT 738 has also been a source of frustration. Several aspects are often pointed out:

Issue Impact
Long Pull: Shooters find the long trigger pull impacts shot accuracy and timing.
Stiffness: The trigger’s rigidity can cause hand fatigue and discomfort during extended use.
Inconsistency: Some users report uneven resistance, leading to unpredictable shooting experiences.

Focusing on these areas, potential buyers and existing owners can better understand the Taurus PT 738’s ergonomic and design elements that may affect their shooting experience.

Taurus PT 738 Problems: Common Issues & Fixes

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Maintenance Must-knows

Keeping your Taurus PT 738 in top condition requires regular maintenance. Proper care ensures the firearm operates safely and reliably. Discover key steps to maintain your PT 738 with our maintenance guide.

Cleaning Tips

Clean your gun after each use to prevent buildup and ensure functionality. Follow these simple tips:

  • Unload the firearm before cleaning. Safety first!
  • Use a quality gun cleaning kit. This includes brushes, solvents, and lubricants.
  • Disassemble the gun as per the user manual. Only remove the parts recommended for regular cleaning.
  • Apply solvent to the barrel and other metal parts. Scrub with a brush.
  • Clean the barrel with a patch tool and microfiber cloths.
  • After cleaning, lubricate the moving parts slightly.
  • Reassemble the gun carefully and perform a function test.

Regular Servicing Guide

Regular servicing is crucial for the longevity of your PT 738. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Check the manual for specific servicing intervals.
  2. Inspect your firearm regularly for wear and tear.
  3. Replace worn parts as recommended by Taurus.
  4. Schedule a professional gunsmith visit yearly. They will conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning.
  5. Maintain a servicing log to track your maintenance regimen.

Maintaining your Taurus PT 738 with these cleaning and servicing tips will keep your firearm safe and reliable for years to come.

Common Fixes And Workarounds

The Taurus PT 738, also known as the TCP, is a popular choice for a compact pistol. Despite its convenience, owners may face occasional hiccups. Understanding common fixes and workarounds can keep your TCP dependable when it matters most. Let’s dive into some practical solutions for typical issues.

Diy Troubleshooting

Addressing minor issues with your TCP can often be done at home. A proactive approach is key. Start with these tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Buildup can lead to malfunctions. Disassemble and clean your firearm regularly.
  • Magazine Maintenance: Springs wear out. Replace them to avoid feeding problems.
  • Ammo Selection: Some bullets work better than others. Test different brands for reliable firing.

Simple adjustments can make all the difference. Be patient and methodical for the best results.

Professional Repair Solutions

Some problems require an expert touch. Don’t hesitate to enlist professional help for these issues:

Problem Solution
Trigger Malfunctions Visit a gunsmith. They have the right tools.
Slide Issues Professionals can replace or repair the slide.
Internal Wear Gunsmiths can upgrade parts that wear out.

Always prioritize safety. Trust a certified gunsmith for complicated fixes.

Preventing Future Issues

Owning a Taurus PT 738 means dealing with its unique quirks. To keep your firearm in top shape, preventive steps are crucial. Let’s explore how to maintain the PT 738’s reliability and recognize when a replacement might be necessary.

Keeping Your Pt 738 Reliable

Maintaining your Taurus PT 738 is key for functioning smoothly. Regular cleaning and proper storage go a long way. Follow these tips:

  • Clean after every use to prevent buildup.
  • Inspect for wear and replace parts as needed.
  • Use the correct ammunition recommended by Taurus.
  • Store safely in a dry place to avoid corrosion.

Stick to a consistent maintenance schedule. Do not ignore small issues.

When To Consider A Replacement

Sometimes, fixing a problem isn’t enough. Look for these signs:

  1. Frequent jamming or misfires despite good maintenance.
  2. Signs of cracking or severe wear on major components.
  3. Obsolete parts that are hard to find or replace.

Trust your instincts. If reliability wanes, consider a new model. Your safety is paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions For Taurus Pt 738 Problems

What Are Common Taurus Pt 738 Issues?

Common PT 738 issues include trigger safety problems, failures to feed or eject, and slide lock difficulties. Users have reported about accuracy inconsistencies and stiff magazine release buttons. Regular maintenance can prevent some of these problems.

How To Troubleshoot Pt 738 Failure To Feed?

To troubleshoot, first, ensure the magazine is properly seated. Next, check the ammo compatibility and magazine for damage. Clean the feed ramp and chamber thoroughly, as dirt can cause misfeeds. If the problem persists, consult a gunsmith.

Can Taurus Pt 738 Slide Issues Be Fixed?

Yes, slide issues on the Taurus PT 738 can often be fixed. Ensure the slide rails and grooves are clean and lubricated. If cleaning doesn’t help, a worn recoil spring or guide rod might need replacement. Consult the user manual or a professional if problems continue.

What To Do If Taurus Pt 738 Jams Frequently?

If your PT 738 jams frequently, clean and lubricate the handgun properly. Use high-quality ammunition and ensure that you’re gripping the firearm correctly, as limp-wristing can cause jams. If the issue persists, inspect the magazines and consider having a professional look at it.


Navigating the quirks of the Taurus PT 738 can be challenging for owners. From jamming issues to slide problems, these handguns may require some patience and maintenance. But, armed with the right knowledge and support, enthusiasts can often address these issues effectively.

With proper care, the PT 738 remains a dependable choice for personal defense. Remember, safety and regular checks are paramount for any firearm’s longevity and performance.

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