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Savage 99 Rifle: Unleash the Power.

The Savage 99 rifle is a lever-action rifle known for its unique rotary magazine. It was first introduced in 1899 by the Savage Arms Company.

This rifle has a strong following among hunters and collectors for its smooth action and innovative design. The Savage 99 rifle is renowned for its reliability and versatility in the field, making it a popular choice for seasoned hunters and sportsmen alike.

With its distinctive features and historical significance, the Savage 99 rifle continues to hold a special place in the hearts of gun enthusiasts worldwide.

Savage 99 Rifle: Unleash the Power.



The History Of Savage 99 Rifle

Introduction To Savage 99 Rifle

Savage 99 Rifle is known for its innovative design and historical significance in the world of firearms.

Innovative Features Of Savage 99

The Savage 99 Rifle introduced several cutting-edge features that set it apart from other rifles of its time.

Performance And Versatility

The Savage 99 rifle offers exceptional performance and versatility, making it a reliable choice for hunting, sporting, and recreational shooting. With its innovative design and smooth action, this rifle provides a seamless shooting experience across diverse environments and conditions.

Performance and versatility are key attributes of the Savage 99 Rifle, making it a top choice for hunters and shooters alike. Let’s explore how this rifle stands out in terms of accuracy, precision, and adaptability to different calibers.

Accuracy And Precision

The Savage 99 Rifle is known for its remarkable accuracy and precision, allowing shooters to hit targets with pinpoint precision. This level of performance ensures consistent and effective shooting experiences in various hunting situations.

Adaptability To Different Calibers

One of the standout features of the Savage 99 Rifle is its versatility in handling different calibers, making it a versatile choice for shooters with varying preferences. Whether you prefer lighter loads or heavier calibers, this rifle can adapt to meet your specific hunting needs. Overall, the Savage 99 Rifle’s performance quotient and adaptability to different calibers make it a go-to choice for shooters seeking a reliable and versatile firearm.

Legacy And Influence

The Legacy and Influence of the Savage 99 Rifle remains a significant testament to its impact on firearms design and its enduring popularity among hunters. Its unique features and innovative design have left a lasting mark on the world of hunting firearms, influencing subsequent designs and solidifying its place in history. Let’s delve into the Impact on Firearms Design and the Enduring Popularity among Hunters.

Impact On Firearms Design

The Savage 99 Rifle revolutionized firearms design with its introduction of advanced features such as the rotary magazine, which allowed for the use of spitzer bullets. This innovation significantly improved the rifle’s performance and led to the adoption of similar magazine designs in subsequent firearms. Additionally, its unique hammerless design and the use of a rotary magazine made it one of the most distinctive rifles of its time, setting new standards for future firearms.

Enduring Popularity Among Hunters

The Savage 99 Rifle continues to enjoy enduring popularity among hunters due to its reliability, accuracy, and smooth operation. Its ergonomic design and balance make it a preferred choice in the hunting community, earning a reputation for its outstanding performance in the field. Additionally, its versatility in handling various game species and its ability to chamber powerful cartridges have contributed to its sustained appeal among hunters for generations.

Collectibility And Rarity

When it comes to firearms, there is a special allure towards owning pieces that are both collectible and rare. One such rifle that fits the bill is the Savage 99 Rifle. With its unique design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Savage 99 Rifle has become a sought-after item among gun collectors worldwide. Let’s delve into two aspects that contribute to the collectibility and rarity of this remarkable firearm.

Desirability Among Gun Collectors

The Savage 99 Rifle has gained unparalleled desirability among gun collectors due to its historical significance and innovative features. Introduced in 1899, this lever-action rifle quickly garnered attention for its ability to handle powerful cartridges previously reserved for bolt-action rifles. The combination of being ahead of its time and its reputation for impeccable accuracy and reliable performance has made the Savage 99 Rifle a prized possession among firearms enthusiasts.

Gun collectors appreciate the rich history associated with the Savage 99 Rifle. This firearm played a crucial role in both World Wars, and its versatility made it a favorite among hunters and sport shooters. Its popularity among famous figures, such as Annie Oakley and Teddy Roosevelt, has only added to its prestigious allure.

Rare Variants And Limited Editions

One aspect that enhances the collectibility of the Savage 99 Rifle is the existence of rare variants and limited editions. Manufacturers have produced a multitude of versions throughout the years, each with its own unique features, finishes, and chamberings. Collectors actively seek out these rare variants, making them highly sought-after items in the firearms market.

Rare Variant/Limited Edition Description
Savage 99A Manufactured in limited quantities, boasting a silver-plated receiver and a deluxe walnut stock.
Savage 99DL A deluxe version of the original rifle, featuring fine engraving and checkered stocks made from premium-grade walnut.
Savage 99F Featherweight A lightweight variant crafted from lightweight alloy, making it perfect for extended hunting trips without sacrificing durability.

The scarcity of these rare variants and limited editions ensures their value continues to appreciate over time. Gun collectors actively monitor auctions and sales, hoping to add these prized models to their collections.

  • Desirability: With its historical significance and innovative features, the Savage 99 Rifle is highly sought after by gun collectors.
  • Rare Variants: The existence of unique versions and limited editions adds to the collectibility and value of the Savage 99 Rifle.

In conclusion, the Savage 99 Rifle’s collectibility and rarity stems from its desirability among gun collectors and the presence of rare variants and limited editions. Owning this iconic firearm allows enthusiasts to hold a piece of history in their hands, making it a prized possession for years to come.

Modern-day Relevance

The Savage 99 rifle holds a special place in the hearts of hunters and firearms enthusiasts alike. Its modern-day relevance is a testimony to its lasting legacy and unmatched performance. This iconic rifle continues to capture the attention of hunters, both young and old, for a multitude of reasons. Today, we explore the contemporary hunting applications of the Savage 99, as well as the growing trends of restoration and customization.

Savage 99 In Contemporary Hunting

Despite the passage of time, the Savage 99 rifle remains a reliable and sought-after choice for hunters. Its innovative design, which introduced an internal rotary magazine and a side ejection system, set it apart from other rifles of its era. Today, the Savage 99 continues to offer a unique combination of accuracy, durability, and versatility that is hard to match.

Its ability to handle multiple calibers and bullet weights ensures that hunters can adapt to various hunting scenarios. Whether pursuing deer in dense forests or elk in open plains, the Savage 99 is well-equipped to deliver consistent performance.

Moreover, the rifle’s lightweight and compact design make it an excellent choice for hunters who value mobility and ease of use. Its ergonomic features, such as the smooth lever action and the adjustable trigger, ensure quick and reliable shots even in the most demanding hunting situations. With the Savage 99 in hand, hunters can confidently pursue their game of choice.

Restoration And Customization Trends

As the popularity of vintage firearms continues to rise, so does the interest in restoring and customizing these timeless pieces. The Savage 99 rifle is no exception. With its classic lines and unique features, it presents an ideal canvas for customization.

Restoration enthusiasts can bring an aging Savage 99 back to its original glory by refinishing the stock, rebluing the metal components, and replacing worn-out parts. This process not only rejuvenates the rifle but also preserves its historical value for future generations to appreciate.

On the other hand, customization offers an opportunity to tailor the Savage 99 to the individual shooter’s preferences and needs. Whether it’s upgrading the sights, adding a modern scope mount, or installing an aftermarket barrel, customization options are plentiful. These modifications can enhance the rifle’s performance and accuracy, making it even more effective in the field.

From classic wood finishes to modern synthetic stocks, the Savage 99 can be transformed into a personalized hunting tool that reflects the owner’s taste and style.

Savage 99 Rifle: Unleash the Power.


Savage 99 Rifle: Unleash the Power.


Frequently Asked Questions On Savage 99 Rifle

What Is The Savage 99 Rifle Known For?

The Savage 99 Rifle is renowned for its unique rotary magazine, smooth lever-action mechanism, and exceptional accuracy. It has a reputation for being a reliable and versatile firearm, suitable for various hunting and shooting activities.

How Does The Rotary Magazine Of The Savage 99 Rifle Work?

The rotary magazine of the Savage 99 Rifle is a tubular magazine that rotates as the lever is cycled, allowing for smooth and quick reloading. The magazine holds cartridges in a circular pattern, ensuring efficient feeding and reducing the risk of misfires.

What Calibers Are Available For The Savage 99 Rifle?

The Savage 99 Rifle is available in various calibers, including popular options like. 250 Savage,. 300 Savage, and. 308 Winchester. This wide range of calibers caters to the diverse needs of hunters and shooters, offering great flexibility in ammunition choice.

Is The Savage 99 Rifle Suitable For Hunting Big Game?

Yes, the Savage 99 Rifle is well-suited for hunting big game. With its excellent accuracy, moderate recoil, and the availability of powerful calibers, it can effectively take down animals such as deer, elk, and bear at various distances, making it a favorite among experienced hunters.


In sum, the Savage 99 Rifle remains an iconic firearm with a rich history and enduring popularity among hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Its innovative design, smooth action, and reliable performance make it a timeless classic for both collectors and sportsmen.

Whether for nostalgia or practical use, the Savage 99 Rifle continues to be a cherished choice for discerning shooters.

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