Largest Moose Ever Shot: Jaw-Dropping Record Breaker

The largest moose ever shot weighed approximately 1,808 pounds and stood over 7 feet tall. This record-breaking moose was harvested in Alaska in 1897.

The majestic moose, known for its impressive antlers and massive size, has long been a popular target for hunters seeking a challenging and rewarding experience. Moose hunting is regulated to ensure conservation of this iconic species while also allowing for sustainable hunting practices.

As one of North America’s most magnificent animals, the moose continues to captivate wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. We will delve into the fascinating world of moose hunting, exploring the history, regulations, and experiences associated with pursuing these magnificent creatures in the wild. Join us as we uncover the allure of hunting the largest land animal in North America – the mighty moose.

Largest Moose Ever Shot: Jaw-Dropping Record Breaker




In the realm of hunting, the pursuit of an exceptional trophy holds a special place. In the world of moose hunting, the quest for the largest specimen has captivated hunters for generations.

Moose Hunting Regulations

When planning a moose hunting expedition, it is crucial to understand local regulations regarding hunting seasons, bag limits, and permitted equipment.

Moose Trophy Hunting Ethics

Responsible hunters prioritize ethical practices such as humane harvesting, sustainable hunting methods, and respect for wildlife habitats.

Largest Moose Ever Shot: Jaw-Dropping Record Breaker


Largest Moose Ever Shot: Jaw-Dropping Record Breaker


Frequently Asked Questions On Largest Moose Ever Shot

What Is The Largest Moose Ever Shot In The Wild?

The largest moose ever shot in the wild was a male moose with antlers spanning over 77 inches. It weighed approximately 1,800 pounds and was hunted in Alaska.

Where Was The Largest Moose Ever Shot?

The largest moose ever shot was hunted in Alaska, which is known for its large population of moose. Alaska’s vast wilderness provides the ideal habitat for these majestic creatures to thrive.

How Tall Was The Largest Moose Ever Shot?

The largest moose ever shot stood approximately 7. 6 feet at the shoulder and had a total height of around 10 feet, making it an impressive sight to behold.

Are Moose Known For Their Large Antlers?

Yes, male moose are known for their large antlers, which can span up to 6 feet in width. These antlers serve as a display of dominance and are used during the mating season to attract females and intimidate rivals.


The largest moose ever shot remains a legend in the hunting world. The awe-inspiring size and strength of this magnificent creature continue to captivate enthusiasts. With each new sighting, the mystique of this colossal mammal grows, reminding us of the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

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