7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Ultra Mag : The Ultimate Showdown

7mm Rem Mag is a versatile cartridge suitable for hunting a variety of game, offering high velocity and flat trajectory. On the other hand, 7mm Ultra Mag surpasses Rem Mag in terms of velocity and power, making it ideal for long-range shooting and big game hunting.

Both cartridges are popular choices among hunters and shooters for their performance and accuracy. When comparing the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag cartridges, it is important to understand the differences in their ballistic capabilities and suitability for various hunting purposes.

The 7mm Rem Mag, short for Remington Magnum, is a well-established cartridge with a long history of success in the shooting sports world. It offers shooters high velocity, flat trajectory, and manageable recoil, making it a popular choice for hunting a wide variety of game. The 7mm Ultra Mag, short for Ultra Magnum, is a more powerful cartridge that surpasses the Rem Mag in terms of velocity and energy, making it ideal for long-range shooting and hunting large game species. While both cartridges have their strengths and weaknesses, the choice between the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the shooter.

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Ultra Mag : The Ultimate Showdown

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The 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag are both powerful cartridges with significant ballistics capabilities. While the Rem Mag offers excellent accuracy and versatility, the Ultra Mag provides even greater velocity and long-range performance. Choose the cartridge that best suits your needs for hunting or competitive shooting.

Velocity And Trajectory

7Mm Rem Mag: Higher velocity but more drop over long distances.

7Mm Ultra Mag: Slightly lower velocity but flatter trajectory.

Energy And Stopping Power

7Mm Rem Mag: Greater energy transfer for bigger game.

7Mm Ultra Mag: Enhanced stopping power due to higher energy levels.

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Ultra Mag : The Ultimate Showdown

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Recoil And Shootability

The 7mm Rem Mag offers a lesser recoil and better shootability compared to the 7mm Ultra Mag. Its manageable recoil and accuracy make it popular for hunting and long-range shooting. The 7mm Ultra Mag, on the other hand, has a more significant kick, suiting experienced shooters and big game hunters.

Felt Recoil

The 7mm Rem Mag has a moderate recoil, while the 7mm Ultra Mag has heavier recoil due to higher velocity.

7mm Rem Mag: Offers manageable recoil for most shooters.

7mm Ultra Mag: Can have significant kick, requiring experienced handling.

Handling And Control

  • 7mm Rem Mag is generally easier to handle and control due to lower recoil.
  • 7mm Ultra Mag demands more precision and control due to its higher recoil impact.

Hunting And Long-range Shooting

7mm Rem Mag Vs 7mm Ultra Mag – Hunting and Long-Range Shooting

The choice between the 7mm Remington Magnum and the 7mm Ultra Magnum is crucial for hunters and enthusiasts of long-range shooting. Both cartridges offer exceptional power and velocity, making them popular choices for various game hunting and precision shooting. Let’s delve into the suitability for different game and the accuracy and performance at distance of these two impressive calibers.

Suitability For Different Game

When selecting a firearm for hunting, it’s essential to consider the range of game one intends to pursue. The 7mm Rem Mag is well-suited for medium-sized game such as deer, elk, and black bear due to its effective range and energy delivery. On the other hand, the 7mm Ultra Mag, with its higher velocity and energy, is suitable for larger and tougher game like moose and big bears.

Accuracy And Performance At Distance

Both the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag are engineered for long-range shooting. The 7mm Rem Mag delivers exceptional accuracy at extended distances, making it a preferred choice for precision shooting. In comparison, the 7mm Ultra Mag boasts superior ballistic performance, providing flatter trajectories and greater retained energy at extreme ranges, making it an ideal option for long-distance precision shooting and challenging targets.

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Ultra Mag : The Ultimate Showdown

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Ammunition Availability And Cost

When it comes to choosing between the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Ultra Mag, one crucial factor to consider is the ammunition availability and cost. This is an important aspect as it determines the long-term practicality and affordability of your chosen rifle cartridge. Let’s take a closer look at this comparison under two subheadings: Factory Loads and Reloading Options.

Factory Loads

Both the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Ultra Mag have a wide variety of factory loads available, making it relatively easy to find ammunition for either cartridge. However, it is worth noting that the availability of specific factory loads may vary depending on your location and the popularity of each cartridge in your area.

Cartridge Manufacturer Ammunition Types
7mm Rem Mag Federal Premium Trophy Copper, Nosler AccuBond, Sierra GameKing
7mm Ultra Mag Remington Core-Lokt, Swift Scirocco II

As shown in the table above, popular manufacturers like Federal Premium and Remington offer a range of ammunition options for both cartridges. These include various bullet types such as Trophy Copper, Nosler AccuBond, Sierra GameKing, Core-Lokt, and Swift Scirocco II. These options cater to different hunting and shooting preferences, ensuring you can find the right factory load for your needs.

Reloading Options

If you prefer to reload your own ammunition, both the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Ultra Mag offer ample opportunities for customization and cost savings. Reloading gives you the flexibility to tailor your loads to specific shooting requirements and can be a rewarding aspect of the shooting experience.

Here are some popular components used in reloading for both cartridges:

  • 7mm Rem Mag: Hodgdon H4831, Nosler Partition bullets, Winchester Large Rifle primers
  • 7mm Ultra Mag: Alliant RL26, Barnes TTSX bullets, CCI Magnum Rifle primers

By investing in reloading equipment and components, you can create custom loads that suit your shooting style and preferences. Moreover, reloading typically offers significant cost savings compared to purchasing factory-loaded ammunition, making it an attractive option for those looking to optimize their shooting budget.

In summary, both the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Ultra Mag offer a wide range of factory loads and reloading options. While the availability of specific factory loads may vary, popular manufacturers ensure there are suitable choices for both cartridges. Reloading allows for customization and cost savings, making it an appealing option for shooters who want to tailor their ammunition to their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions On 7mm Rem Mag Vs 7mm Ultra Mag

What Are The Differences Between 7mm Rem Mag And 7mm Ultra Mag?

The 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag are both powerful hunting cartridges, but they have some key differences. The 7mm Rem Mag is more popular and widely available, while the 7mm Ultra Mag offers slightly higher velocities and may be better suited for long-range shooting.

Overall, the choice depends on personal preference and specific requirements.


Both the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Ultra Mag offer exceptional power and versatility for hunters and long-range shooters. Understanding the differences in ballistics, recoil, and cost can help you make an informed decision based on your specific shooting needs.

Consider your intended use and preferences to determine which cartridge best suits your requirements.

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