Top 7 Moultrie Game Camera Reviews In 2022

Moultrie Game Camera Reviews 2020One of the things that make hunting difficult is the lack of tools that can help you survey the area. One of the top brands when it comes to trail cameras is Moultrie.

But considering the number of Moultrie trail camera options in the market, finding the best Moultrie trail camera can be tricky. It is important that you read the Moultrie game camera reviews first before you choose the camera that fits your needs.

Moultrie is quite a popular brand of the game camera. And over the years, many are using this brand as their deer camera for hunting or just for surveying the area. Majority of the options that you see in these Moultrie game cameras are most likely to an infrared camera that can function at night.

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Let us have a look at the specifications of these Top 7 Moultrie trail cameras of 2022:

Product Trigger Battery Range Flash Memory Amazon product page
Moultrie A-30 12MP 0.9 S 8 AA batteries 70 feet Invisible infrared LED 16 GB Check price
Moultrie P-120i Game Camera 0.5 S 8 AA batteries 70 feet High-end Illumi-Night 2 Sensor 32 GB Check price
Moultrie P-150i Game Camera 0.5 S 6 C batteries 45 feet 3 different infrared motion sensors 32 GB Check price
Moultrie P-Series Game Cameras 0.5 S 12 AA batteries 50 feet No-glow infrared flash. 32 GB Check price
Moultrie M-50 Game Camera 0.3 S 8 AA batteries 100 feet Illumi-night 2 sensor 32 GB Check price
Moultrie A-40i 0.29 S 8 AA batteries 60 feet Low Glow IR 32 GB Check price
Moultrie A-40 Game Camera 0.7 S 8 AA batteries 70 feet Red glow IR 32GB Check price

The Top Moultrie Game Camera Reviews For 2022

#1. Moultrie A-30 12MP – Editor’s pick

Build and design

Moultrie A 30 12MP

One of the things that make Moultrie A-30 as one of the best trail cameras is the fact that it is made for the outdoors.

Moultrie stands out from the rest of the other cameras out there mainly due to its heavy-duty construction that can withstand the usual wear and tear of outdoor activities and climate. It is made of steel and a weather-resistant finish.

It also comes with insertions that can make it easy for users to easily mount the camera without any problem. Its mount comes with a screw on the end.

You get a case along with this camera that comes with a ¼-inch -20 threaded insert found at the bottom. Also, you get a 72-inch mounting strap as well that makes setting up easy for its users.


There are two resolution settings available with the Moultrie A-30 12MP camera. You have the option to shoot in low resolution (1920 x 1080) or you can opt to go for high resolution (4608 x 2592). It can also take HD videos that are 15 seconds long.

But what makes this A series camera stand out is its infrared feature that allows it to shoot in a low light scenario. In fact, it can shoot up to 70 feet in total darkness.

Now, this means that it won’t be disruptive to any of the animals that you observe in the dark. There are a lot of nocturnal animals that won’t go near the light. With this feature, it allows animals to be captured in their natural habitat without any problem.

You can make use of 32 GB memory card on this camera. You will need to have an SD/SDHC Class 4 card or higher in order to get the best results.


To operate, this infrared game camera needs 8 AA batteries. According to the manufacturer, the Moultrie A-30 12 MP camera can take 16,0000 images before the batteries run out.

However, it is recommended that you make use of lithium batteries to get extended battery life, especially when dealing with harsh weather conditions.

Detection circuit

When it comes to shooting using this trail camera, it has 3 bursts. For every burst, you will have different delays including 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.

Pros and cons


  • Sturdy and weather resistant design
  • Can take images up to 70 feet in the dark
  • Easy to use


  • Not compatible with Apple


The only thing that you have to watch out for with the A30 is the fact that it isn’t compatible with Apple. It means that you will just need to be an Android or a Windows user if you wish to use this camera properly.

Now, if you’ve seen Moultrie game spy 6.0, the A30 is way ahead of the Moultrie game spy 6MP version in terms of quality and even in range.

Usually, it is common to compare the Moultrie A30 vs A30i in different reviews. But in reality, both the Moultrie A30i and the A30 are affordable versions that you can go for. Those who are fans of the Moultrie W30i and the Moultrie M40i, the Moultrie A-30 is a good alternative option that you might want to check.

#2. Moultrie P-120i Game Camera – Best camera for hunters on a budget

Build and design

Moultrie P 120i Game Camera

On the outside, the Moultrie P-120i is housed in a weatherproof and rugged plastic. It is available in camo which means that you can have it mounted on a tree and it won’t look obvious that there is a trail camera set up. Moultrie also gives a 2-year warranty which means that they are confident that this piece of hunting equipment could actually last long.


What makes the Moultrie P-120i game camera stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a panoramic feature. It has a 120-degree field of view that gives you the ability to observe a wider area. It means that you get to see the animal even from afar. The standard camera only has around a 45-degree field of view.

It also has a 20MP resolution that means that it can produce clear photos. In addition to this, you can also take HD videos that can even make it easier to observe animals captured by the camera. Also, you can save the video and photos in a 32 GB memory card.

When it comes to its performance in low-light conditions, it has an invisible infrared LED flash technology that won’t bother animals even at close range.

Moultrie P 120i Game Camera 2020


Just like other Moultrie game cameras, this unit operates on 8 pieces of AA batteries. And also, it can take up to 15,000 images before it runs out of power. That is fewer compared to other units out there. However, the good news is that it is compatible with solar panels. You will just need to have a 12-volt power panel and it could already replace a bunch of batteries.

Detection circuit

It can detect a range of up to 70 feet in this type of condition. It also makes use of the high-end Illumi-Night 2 Sensor that can give the clearest image for users. You can even view it on your computer or even on your smartphone.

Now, when it comes to moving animals, it has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds that can help capture animals that are in motion.

Other Features

Since everyone wants to see the images quickly, this Moultrie game camera allows you to see the images fast using your mobile device. It means that you don’t need to make the trip to the camera to take out the SD card anymore and upload the images in your computer.

Pros and cons


  • Compatible with solar panels
  • Can take panoramic shots
  • Camo color can blend in the woods
  • 15,000 shots for 8 AA batteries


  • Difficult to set-up


This Moultrie game camera has a decent panoramic feature. Though it isn’t widest, you get a clear 20MP image. Also, because it can take 15,000 shots before the battery goes out, it can be left overnight without any problem.

#3. Moultrie P-150i Game Camera– The best panoramic trail camera

Build and design

Moultrie P 150i Game Camera

The Moultrie P-150i is built for the outdoors. It makes use of a durable plastic exterior that can withstand harsh weather and different changes in the environment. Another good thing about the P-150i is the fact that it offers a camouflage color that makes it discreet when being used in the outdoors. You can simply have it on a tree and it won’t be noticed by animals you are observing.


When it comes to its camera, the Moultrie P-150i performs better panoramic images compared to the Moultrie P-120i. Basically, it offers a 150-degree vision of the surroundings allowing better coverage of the area.

It means that you get to see animals way beyond the usual peripheral vision of most cameras. How does it work? What it does is take 3 separate photos and then stitch everything digitally which means that it can put a 48:9 image.

When it comes to its infrared, this infrared trail camera makes use of 3 different infrared motion sensors. Each of the infrared sensors covers a 50-degree area. When combined, it covers 150 degrees in total. Now, the camera makes use of what is called Silent-Slide technology. What it does is rotate the lens and take a photo of each zone.

Best Moultrie Game Camera Reviews

In addition to this, you can’t expect much from the quality of the image since you only get 8MP. However, for most people, it is already enough for their needs. And when it comes to its video, it can only take 720p HD videos regardless if it is day or night.


Another problem with this camera is the fact that it runs on large batteries. It runs on 6 C batteries. In addition to this, you are going to deal with the fact that it drains easily. While other Moultrie cameras can take 15,000 images or more, this camera can only go on around 9,000 photos before getting drained.

Detection circuit

The detection range for this camera is quite short compared to the other Moultrie cameras out there in the market. It only covers approximately 45 feet. It has a less than 1-second trigger speed but has an abysmal 6 second recovery time.

Other features


There are interesting features that you get to see in this trail camera. For instance, you don’t have to worry that the SD card is already full. Instead, it has an overwrite mode that simply overwrites the oldest files found in your card.

Pros and cons


  • 150 degree panoramic
  • Durable construction
  • Black flash that isn’t visible


  • Panoramic image is just digitally stitched
  • Battery life
  • Can only take 720p videos


The Panoramic 150-i is a good option if you are not going to be staying to observe a place for too long. Since the camera can’t really last a long time, be sure that you are only observing a location for a short period of time. It also works perfectly if you are going to be working in an open field.

#4. Moultrie P-Series Game Cameras– Most energy efficient panoramic trail camera

Build and design

Moultrie Panoramic 180i Game Camera

The Moultrie Panoramic 180i is a game camera that is made for observing wildlife. It was designed to give you a vision in the dark without getting noticed by the animals. Its build is made of durable plastic. And just like other classic game cameras by Moultrie, it has a color that can easily hide in the woods or in a tree.


First, let’s start with the quality of the photos that you are going to get from the P-180i. You get 14MP photos which are a huge jump from the previous 8MP quality of photos. Just like the P-150i, this camera has a no-glow infrared flash.

A huge improvement aside from the 14MP photo quality is the ability to take 1080p videos or an option to take 720P videos. The videos can be in between 5 seconds to 90 seconds in length. And also, the colors are quite vibrant. Just like other Moultrie trail cameras, this option can handle up to 32 GB.


Now, when it comes to hunting, one problem that you get to encounter is the fact that you will be observing a particular location for a good number of days. For the Panoramic 180i camera, it runs on 12 AA batteries and can capture 15,000 images with it. That is a huge jump compared to P-150i.

Also, it includes an AC power mode. And also, it makes use of low-power motion detect delay function. What it means is that it can run more efficiently than other cameras out there in the field.

Detection circuit

As for the detection range of the camera, it has been listed at 50 feet. Though it is still not as good as other trail cameras, it is an improvement to P-150i’s detection range.

When it comes to its trigger speed, it has a 0.5-second trigger speed which is also faster than the one with P-150i’s 1-second trigger. As for the recovery time needed by the P-180i, it takes 0.6 seconds before it readily shoots again. However, for the recovery time for videos, you will have to wait for 11.1 seconds before it readily shoots again.

You can use the triggered mode that gets the camera to take multiple shots once it detects motion with around 1 second apart of each other. For burst, it can take as many as 3 still images once there is motion.

Other features

There are interesting features included in the P-180i. For instance, you get to have different options such as time-lapse and multi-shot modes that can come in handy in different situations regardless of what you plan to observe in the wild. It also has an overwrite function that deletes the oldest files in your memory card.

Pros and cons


  • 180-degree panoramic camera
  • Decent battery life
  • High-quality videos and photos


  • Mediocre recovery time for video at 11.1 seconds


Consider the Panoramic 180-i as an option for people who want the highest quality in their panoramic images. Also, since it covers beyond 150 degrees, it is a good option if you are observing a large field. Here, you don’t need to buy another camera to cover blind spots.

#5. Moultrie M-50 Game Camera– Excellent image quality

Build and design

Moultrie Game Camera 20MP

The Moultrie M-50 is made of durable plastic just like most Moultrie products in the market. It was designed not only to be used outdoors but to also take a few bumps here and there. In addition to this, the color of the Moultrie M-50 resembles a bark which means that it can look discreet when used to observe other animals out there.

The latch for this camera is also easy to open. Also, you can easily reject the battery tray in case you need to change the batteries. It also has two python lock brackets that make it easy to lock the camera to a tree.

As for the storage, if you opt to use a 16 gig SD card, you will most likely get to save around 20K photos in it. And also, you could get 774 10-second clips.


One of the things that make this trail camera stand out is the fact that it offers 20-megapixel resolution offering crisp details on your photos. Also, another great feature of this camera is the illumi-night 2 sensor. It has the ability to keep the shots regardless if it is night or daytime.

The video for this camera comes with audio. Though the audio isn’t perfect, this is something that can definitely make a huge difference in the way you observe animals. Here, you will get to review the animals as they make their sound. The video is best during the day at 1080p. However, during night photos, the flash tends to be an issue because animals tend to look overexposed.


This camera is powered by 8 AA batteries. However, you have the option to use solar power as well. This camera is energy efficient since you can use a pack of 8 AA batteries for 8.5 months in the field without worrying. However, if you are going to take videos, this will last for around one month. But of course, this is just an estimate.

Now, if you really want to set the camera for a long period of time, you can hook this camera to a solar power cable. The power panel has a built-in 12-volt battery that can be compatible with this model.

Detection circuit

When it comes to its detection, it has an infrared flash range of 100 feet. It means that it is a good option if you are going to observe animals that are quite far from the camera in the dark. The recovery time of this camera is at 1.2 seconds while the picture trigger is at 0.3 seconds. As for its video, the recovery speed is at 2.7 seconds while the video trigger is at 1.96 seconds.

When it comes to its ability to take photos, it can take 1 to 3 photos per trigger. However, the field of view of this camera is only at 36.7 degrees.

Pros and cons


  • Fast trigger speed
  • Long battery life
  • Takes 20MP images


  • Narrow field of view
  • Animals look overexposed when near the camera in the dark


This camera is perfect for individuals who are looking for a high-quality camera that they can set up in the woods for a long period of time. You will be pleased with the quality of image and video that it can take. And also, you don’t have to worry about its battery life because it can last for at least a month if you plan on taking videos. If you don’t want to change the AA batteries, you can opt to have the solar power option.

#6.Moultrie A-40i– The best beginner friendly Moultrie trail camera

Build and design

Moultrie A 40i Game Camera

One of the things that you will notice is that the Moultrie A-40i trail camera looks similar to your higher end M-series Moultrie casing.

The material looks durable which means that it could easily last in harsh weather conditions. Next, you also have two brackets that are for the python cable lock found at the back of the camera. If you’ve been using the M-series Moultrie trail cameras, you will notice that this option is a bit taller.


The camera has a 14-megapixel resolution. It also makes use of the illume-night sensor that can make it possible to take clear photos even at night. It also makes use of infrared LED that can help take pictures even in pitch black conditions. The IR is a Low Glow IR. Though it has been rated as no glow, you will notice that there is a faint red glow from afar.

You get a video resolution of 1280 x 720. Also, it comes with audio. Though you get superb image and video, the audio seems to be quite a problem.


The camera needs 8 AA batteries in order to function. However, in comparison with other Moultrie trail cameras, this has one of the best battery life out there. The camera can be left taking pictures for 6.8 months and you don’t have to change the battery. As for videos, it can last around 1.1 months.

Detection Circuit

The trigger speed is at 0.7 seconds for taking photos. On the other hand, the recovery speed of this camera in taking photos is at 1.3 seconds. When it comes to videos, the video trigger for the Moultrie A-40i is at 1.69 seconds and the recovery speed is at 1.2 seconds. The detection range is at 60 feet while the detection angle is at 55.9 degrees.

In fact, the recovery is outstanding though the video trigger is a bit slow. Also, you might encounter false triggers too.

Pros and cons


  • Good battery life
  • Decent quality videos and photos
  • Decent trigger speed for taking photos
  • Superb recovery time in video


  • Bad audio
  • Recovery time is quite slow


The Moultrie A-40i is a great option for those hunters who just started to explore their trail camera options. It is a good entry-level camera that packs a decent punch.

This is a handy tool that you can leave in one spot and not worry about it even for weeks. You will be able to retrieve images and videos that you might find interesting.

However, keep in mind that the field of vision is only at around 36.2 degrees. It means that you might need to set-up a number of other cameras to cover the entirety of a large area.

#7.Moultrie A-40 Game Camera

Build and design

Moultrie Game Camera Reviews 2020

The Moultrie A40 trail camera’s casing is something that looks sturdy. It offers a solid case that can withstand the harsh environment. In addition to this, you also get to have a camera that can easily be strapped on a tree when needed. It is usually compared to the M-series Moultrie trail cameras.

However, this camera is slightly taller and thinner than its M-series counterparts. There are also two brackets that are made for Python cable lock. This makes it easy to set-up the camera in your chosen spot.


The camera takes 14 megapixels for the photos. In addition to this, the video resolution of this camera is at 1280 x 720. The good thing about this particular camera is that it takes the same quality of photos as the M-50 trail camera (which is a higher priced model).

The flash type makes use of red glow IR. It also makes use of an Illumi-Night sensor that is perfect for taking low light images. You can make use of up to 32GB SD card for its memory.


This camera makes use of 8 AA batteries that can take approximately 17,000 images. The infrared flash can reach up to 70 feet which is something impressive when it comes to this camera. And if you need to replace the battery, it has an ergonomic design that makes this process fast and easy.

Detection Circuit

Moultrie A-40 also has a trigger time of 0.7 seconds which is quite impressive for a trail camera that is considered a low-priced camera. For the video, it has a video trigger time of 1.73 seconds which is quite slow.

However, it has decent recovery speed for both taking photos and video at 1.1 and 1.2 seconds respectively. When it comes to its detection range, it covers 55 degrees with a 36.2-degree field of vision.

Pros and cons


  • Efficient battery life
  • Fast trigger time for photos
  • Decent recovery time for photos and videos


  • The pixels were digitally added


This camera is something that fits those hunters that are on a small budget when it comes to their trail camera. It has decent specs from its trigger time to the recovery time.

However, though it has been advertised to have a 14MP resolution for photos, you have to lower your expectations because it has been digitally added. Therefore, the quality might be a bit off for a 14MP camera.


Moultrie Game Camera Reviews

Which of these trail cams are built great?

All of the Moultrie cameras that we have featured are designed with durability in mind. All the cameras that we’ve included are built for the harsh weather condition of the outdoors. You also have all of the cameras that we have mentioned having the ability to look discreet in the outdoors.

Which of these trail cams offers the best image/video quality?

When it comes to image quality, Moultrie M-50 offers 20-megapixels the same as the Moultrie P-120i. However, based on our observation, the M-50 offers the best image quality.

But when it comes to video, you can go after the Moultrie A-30 trail camera. Though it only has a 12MP camera, it can take high-resolution videos at 4608 x 2592.

Which is the best trail cam for wireless connectivity?

Moultrie P-120i is the clear winner in this department. This trail camera allows you to see the images on mobile instantly.

Which offers a good battery backup?

The Moultrie M-50 and the Moultrie P-120i offers an option wherein it can be backed by solar panels. This means that you don’t have to worry if you have to leave it for a while.

Which trail camera offers good detection and recovery speed?

The P-Series P-180i is so far the best out there when it comes to recovery speed. It only takes around 0.6 seconds. But when it comes to detection range, the M-50 trail camera offers the best option with 100 feet capability.

Which trail cam offers the best panoramic shots?

Moultrie Panoramic 180i has the best panoramic shots. Other than the fact that it has a 180-degree angle, it can also take photos that at 20MP.

Which trail camera is best for first-time buyers?

A-40i offers an easy to set-up function that is perfect for those who are just starting to get familiar with different trail cameras. It also offers decent features that don’t make things frustrating on the part of the user.


There are a lot of trail camera options in the market today. Moultrie is one of the best brands when it comes to this niche. These Moultrie game camera reviews aim to help buyers make the best buying decision.

If you are looking for the best trail camera that has the best video quality option, then you want to stick with the A-30. It offers high-resolution videos at 4608 x 2592. However, you also have to consider that it only has a 12 MP resolution in its images.

Now, if you are quite particular about the resolution of the image, then it can be a toss-up between the M-50 or the P-180i. However, based on our tests, we consider the Moultrie M-50 as the trail camera that is best in terms of image quality.

For those looking for a trail camera that has the best connectivity to a mobile phone, then you want to stick with Moultrie P-120i. It has an app that allows you to see the image without removing your SD card.

Given the number of panoramic Moultrie cameras out there, we have to pick the Moultrie P-150i as the best panoramic camera option out there. Unlike the P-180i, it offers a more decent recovery time of 6 seconds than the P-180i’s 11 second recovery time.

But if you are particular about energy efficiency, then you would want to choose the P-180i. We consider it as the most energy efficient trail camera on our list. It includes an AC power mode option that makes it stand out from the rest of the trail cameras.

Now, if you are a beginner, A-40i offers the simplest approach in terms of setting up and understanding the functions of the trail camera. But for those who want to get the best bang for their buck and only spend on a low budget trail camera, you have the Moultrie A-40.

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