Easy & Right Ways On How To Use Binoculars – Helpful Guide

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How To Use BinocularsBinocular comes with some basic features. If you follow some little strategy that’s enough to derive clear sharp images.

Do you want to know how to use binoculars correctly? People have a misconception that using binocular is difficult. Follow my article I will share a simple & effective way to use your binocular.

The right using method is essential to get the maximum possible clear images from a remote view. Sometimes a wrong approach can make the simple task into a complex. So, here I will guide you with the right binoculars using methods with some cleaning tips.

How To Use Binoculars ( Easy & Right Ways )

Binocular comes with a central focus wheel & diopter. You need to adjust the diopter & central focus to get the best view. After adjusting the focusing in the right way you will feel the difference.  It’s a basic task. Let’s learn how to use binoculars correctly.

Fix the Barrels & Eyecups

Firstly use your hand to grip the two barrels. Then squeeze them inside & outside reversely to reduce their middle space.

At the same time haul the barrels away from each other to rise the distance. Here your motive is to find a clear circle view. You need to apply both squeezing & hauling until you can get a perfect view.

Fix the barrel at the right distance so that you can see a circle. While you are seeing a double image that indicates the wrong distance of the barrel. Instead of the right circle if you find black edges in the binocular that means the barrel right position is far away.

In your binoculars, you will get two barrels. Basically, barrels hold an eyepiece that has a prism inside. At the closure point of barrels, you will find the lens.

After successful adjustment of barrels distance, you can note the value. It will help you in the future. If your binocular has the feature of saving distance value that it will be more convenient to remember.

How To Use Binocular

Take back Eyecups

Suppose, you need to generate wider field images that are situated in the extensive area. Then you need to take back your eyecups. Just squeeze your eyecups down to the barrels as much as possible.

This position is ideal to get the best wider view & it’s also excellent for deep eyes people.

In this angle, you will get lots of components. You need to skip unnecessary dust & objects & give focus on the main subjects.

  • In case if you use glasses then taking back eye-ups is also essential.
  • Elaborate your eyecups to derive a focused view.
  • Elaborate your eyecups are to help you to put your eyes maximum closest position to the lenses. Besides, it protects the lens from peripheral light, dirt & dust.

You can easily elaborate on the eyecups by tugging the barrels as far as possible. The only cons are it restricts your frame. But if you want a detailed sharp view of a particular subject then this method is best.

  • You need to be careful in the time of fog if you follow this method.
  • While you are not using any eye-glass apply this method to get an amazing view.

Eyecup adjusting

Suppose, you are going to a tour & want to derive multiple views from different environments. In this case, you need to set your eyecup in the middle position.

You can easily set the eyecup on the middle position by pulling it. You will get some outstanding views from the middle eyecup. It can protect the lens from medium peripheral light &  from dirt & dust.

Adjusting Diopter

How To Use BinocularDiopter basically compensates for the different vision ability of a human eye. It comes with your binocular lens to magnify your vision power if you are unable to see well. On the binocular, you will find an adjusting scale mark with + /- sign.

Maximum binoculars come with diopter adjustments on the right eyepieces. Only in a few binoculars, the adjustments are situated on the left eyepiece.

Firstly, select any objects with multiple edges & tiny details from a far distance area. After selecting the objects, place the lens to cover the particular objects with a proper diopter setting.

You can use your hands to fix the center wheel. Change it until you can get a perfect detail view. Avoid diopter adjustment before fixing your wheel focus.

Now release your hands from the wheel. Then put your hands on the diopter lens. Finally, focus it on the subjects with a diopter lens.  Now you need to fix your diopter focusing to get a sharp & utmost clear view. Change the diopter until it comes perfect.

After you are done to fix the diopter, you should check the binocular with your other eyes. If it does not work for both eyes then repeat the process again.

  • It’s better to save the diopter settings for future help.
  • Avoid changing the central focus before fixing the diopter focusing. Once it is done then you can adjust your central focus again if you face any issues.

Check clarity

When you are done with the central focus wheel & diopter focusing then it is expected to get a sharp & detailed image view. But still, you face any issues then you need to repeat the above methods- fix the central focus then fix the diopter until you are satisfied with the view.

  • The perfect view through a binocular should come 3d.
  • In case your binocular comes out of alignment you will face stain in your eyes. If the adjustments fail to solve it then you need to visit the seller.

Proper Practice

It’s fun to look through a binocular. But while you are aiming to watch tiny objects like birds & butterflies is challenging. It needs proper practice, dedication & aiming ability.

You need to select any long-distance objects on a tree or window, roof-top. Then fix your eyes on the particular objects. Now take your binoculars without losing the focus. Try to focus your binoculars on the specific object until it comes in the right position.

To improve your aiming ability you can focus on moving animals such as mice.

After fixing your eyes on a particular object, you also need to make a list of features that you want to frame through the binoculars.

Focus without binocular

Don’t feel the hurry to use binoculars on your specific target. It’s not wise to jump on the target with a binocular without proper inspection.

Firstly, check the movements of the object with your open eyes crucially & fix your eyes on them to make a full vision. After analyzing the objects for a few moments you can use your binocular to look at the objects.

After setting your binocular on any specific objects, you can move it back & front to derive the most effective path.

Find an Area

Suppose you are on a tour in a forest or field, you need to select your target subjects. You can find the target by scanning with your binocular. You can set the binocular to the tree branch, edges, or mudflats to get the subjects.

If you are aiming to find birds then you can scan on the sky. You can begin your binocular scanning from a distance top view then gradually move it left to right based on your preference.

It’s great to scan on the cloud to get an amazing view against the background.

Cleaning Tips

You need to clean your favorite binocular regularly to make it long-lasting. Most expensive binoculars can also get damaged if you don’t clean it. The most simple way is to use your clothing to remove dust from the lenses.

But guess what it may cause lots of scratches on your lens or coatings. Day by day these scratches will reduce the lens clarity. As a result, you will derive blur images.

Follow the below tips to clean your binocular.

  • Take a soft brush to erase the dust, grit, etc.
  • After removing the dust, dirt now takes a wet lens tissue or fabric & mix lens cleaner to clean the lens thoroughly.
  • Gently rub the lens with the wet tissue.
  • Now it’s time to dry the lens perfectly. Use a dry fabric or lens tissue to dry the lens.
  • Then set the binocular above the light & wait till it is fully dry. Repeat the dry process until it is completely dry.


Now you realize it’s easy to learn how to use binoculars. Start adjusting the focusing until you come with suitable sharp views. Are you a newbie to using binocular? Following this guide, a beginner will also easily derive great tiny object’s pictures.

You must check with both eyes after setting the binocular. It will help to generate amazing long-distance views. Last but not least don’t forget to enhance the neck strap size. The long strap will assist you to focus binoculars comfortably & find great views.


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