7 Best Scope For 1000 Yard Stare In 2022

Best Scope For 1000 Yard StareScoping at 1000 yards is the first gate that snipers pass through using a scope. This point distinguishes those with special skills from those who don’t have.

This does not mean that people without skills cannot know how the scope works. There are different types of scope for 1000 yard stare, which sometimes is overwhelming and confusing.

After understanding how to study the direction of the wind, you can adjust your scope range to reach unknown distances, because accuracy increase dramatically. It requires patience, practice, and time to be perfect, where at last things will be okay.

The most important things that must be achieved is getting the best 1000 yard scope. It would help if you looked at some factors which are crucial areas to reach 1,000 yards.

Our recommendation for the best scope for 1000 yard stare is Steiner 5122 Model T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Scope.

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Top 7 Best Scope For 1000 Yard Stare Reviews For 2022 

1. Steiner 5122 Model T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Scope

Best Scope For 1000 Yard Stare

The best thing about this scope for 1000 yard stare from Steiner is that it works significantly with illuminated SCR reticle making it paramount. Notably, it has 56mm T5Xi 5-25x tactical riflescope, which offers a precision through one-piece. Oversized 34mm tube helps to increase reliability and strength. It comes with precision competition reticle, which is designed to provide the extended illumination area, holdover, and windage lines. In the same way, 1/10-mil ranging brackets help to create precise ranging. Its design is low profile which makes it light to maintain the natural shooting position.

Similarly, this 1000 yard scope has a throw lever which ensures there is easy and quick magnification change when you are targeting the object. The presence of Tenebraex lens covers offer protection to the lens against moisture and dust. More importantly, it has the premium lens, which is useful when you want the image which has clarity so that the target can be seen easily before taking the shot. The model is unique for it offers a razor-edge image quality which works much.

Furthermore, Steiner 5122 has the second rotation indicator, which makes the mil numbers in the scale to change automatically after the initial 120 clicks to prevent the shooter from losing the dial. The use of one-design tube design ensures there is increased strength which makes it the best to rely on. Even more, it is shockproof and waterproof, which make it safe to be used at any climatic condition. The ruggedness of this 1000 yard scope makes it fit when working in different places. Also, it comes with a heritage warranty where the product can be repaired if there is a defective experienced without any charge.


  • Strong construction
  • Bess light transmission
  • Ease of adjustments
  • It is highly durable
  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • It is expensive

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 2. Bushnell Tactical 6-24X50 Mil-Dot Reticle Scope

Best 1000 Yard Scope

Many times we talk about the best scope for 1000 yard stare which has a high-quality lens, but this product from Bushnell outdo them. For instance, it has a 50mm objective lens, which is used to filter the light to produce excellent quality visual even to the target, which is very far. In a like manner, the fully multicoated lens is used to improve light transmission and boost brightness every time for better clarity. It offers the magnification of 6 to 24x that is featured with target turret and mil-dot reticle, which ensure there is precise and easy target acquisition.

Furthermore, it comes with fully multi-coated optics and ultra-wide coated band, which make sure there is the proper light transmission, and the image has adequate clarity. From the exterior, it has RainGuard which offer exclusive protection to the lens. The blacked-out tubing finish is responsible for protecting the internal parts of the scope from harsh outdoor factors. A 13-inch high-powered scope, argon purged, and 30-millimetre tube makes this scope to stay reliable and hardened to a core. The durability built and beautiful design makes this product to live for long and also beloved by many people.

Additionally, this best 1000 yard scope has HD anti-fog technology, which keeps its lens clear in any climatic condition to ensure there is clear vision. The material finish for this scope is metallic, which make the product last longer without the need for replacing another one. On the other hand, it comes with a 3-inch sunshade that protects the eyes as you view the target without interfering with the sun or any other external factors. The 4-inch eye relief help to safeguard the blows from heavy recoil.


  • Featured with Mil-Dot aiming reticle.
  • Magnification power is 6 to 24x
  • It is durable
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • The image has clarity
  • Has anti-fog feature
  • 4-inch eye relief
  • THas 3-inch sunshade.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Turrets lack lockdown

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3. Leupold 3-15x44mm VX-5HD Side Focus Scope

best scope for 1000 yard

When talking about the best scope for 1000 yard, which has a long-range of shooting, you will not be complete if you don’t mention this product from Leupold. As an illustration, it has the superior glass and the military-grade durability, which make it desirable for a target, hunting, tactical, and other applications. In all honesty, it has a magnification of 3 to 15x, which is used to zoom the target, giving clear and sharper image when the target is about 1000 yard way. The presence of five different options of reticles ensures there is an excellent option for any preference.

Likewise, this scope come matte finish which makes it durable to be used for years without fear of replacement. It is 100% waterproof, which make it safe when using in the different climatic condition during the outdoor activities. The lens is fog-proof, which ensure the vision is clear and well maintained even when the surrounding is full of dense fog. Equally, the custom dial system helps to simplify more extended shooting by eliminating the holdovers or just ballistic calculations which are done by the dial, which is customized to ammo and rifle.

Besides, this top scope for 1000 yard comes with Twilight HD max light management system that adds to about 30 minutes of the shooting light, which is best in edge to edge lens HD clarity and class glare reduction. The presence of illuminated reticle makes it ideal for the low light condition and motion sensor technology which ensure automatic de-activity after five minutes of inactivity. You can also reactivate instantly with the movement to ensure increased battery life. Let alone it is shockproof that make it withstand any shock when there is recoiling and even when it has accidentally fallen.


  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Has magnification of 6-24x
  • Has 3-inch long sunshade
  • It is durable
  • Has a protective cap
  • 5-level adjustable reticle


  • Lens caps are not secure and properly set

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4. Bushnell 756185 6-18x50mm Trophy Scope

Bushnell 756185 Trophy 6 18x50mm Rifle Scope

For a high-quality yet low-cost scope, please buy this product from Bushnell for it is famous for having exceptional features. Notably, it has rugged conditions similar to those of military personnel that maintain high quality and pleasant experience. It has rain guard HD, which make it fit to provide 91% light transmission when you are in any weather condition. The presence of 100% waterproof making it paramount to be used in the rainy seasons for it cannot be damaged by rain.

Besides, the lens is fog-proof which ensure there is a clear vision of the target even when the weather is foggy, and there is a clear view of the object. The O-ring is essentially nitrogen sealed and its lens multi-coated, which ensure there is extra rigidity of the product which is used by many hunters. It is shockproof that make it ideal to be used by anyone for there is no fear of recoiling shock, which makes many people fear.

Further, this 1000 yard scope has the tube which is 1-inch one-piece construction integrated with the saddle that make it unique to be used for long. The 1/4 MOA fingertip windage and fast-focus eyepiece ensure there is easy elevation adjustment to the target to facilitate comfortable shooting. Also, the eye relief is 3.5 inch with the side parallax adjustment, which provide the eye is entirely focused on the object to reduce the error of hitting. Also, it has rugged material which ensures the durability of the product for you can use it for many years without the worry of replacement.


  • Has 18x power magnification
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Ensure greater clarity
  • Easily adjustable parallax
  • Lens is multi-coated
  • It is durable


  • No scope cover

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 5. Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12x40mm Scope

Leupold VX Freedom 4 12x40mm Rifle Scope

This best 1000 yard scope deserves the new standard of ruggedness and quality where this product from Leupold has shown significant improvement when it comes to these features. To illustrate, it has a Matte finish, and Tri-MOA reticle, which makes everyone confident of the product for it can last longer offering an excellent service. In a like manner, it has a fog-proof lens which makes it fit to be used any time even when there is fog everywhere as the image will be clear and precise.

Furthermore, a 100% waterproof feature make many people go for this product because water is sometimes a threat to many scopes when you are using when on the outdoor activities. Besides, it is shockproof which make it ideal even to new beginners for they cannot be afraid of the recoiling shock which scares them. The material is 6061-T6 aircraft quality punisher and aluminum, which has been tested and guaranteed for lifetime performance, even where there is harsh recoiling. There are best-in-class optics from this model which ensure there is a clear and crisp image with repeated accuracy.

Likewise, this product comes with a twilight management system, which adds to about ten additional minutes of the shooting light and also reduces glare for crisp image quality. The precision MOA 1/4 finger click adjustment for elevation and windage ensures there are absolute dependability and repeatability over a long time of extreme use. Also, there is incredibly low light, excellent lighting transmission and useful magnification, which ensure there is the best performance of the target to ensure the outcome is outstanding.


  • It is waterproof
  • Crisp image quality
  • It is shockproof
  • Ruggedness and good quality
  • It is fog-proof
  • Excellent lighting transmission
  • Has powerful magnification


  • Have printed power numbers rather than engraved

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6. Burris Optics 5-25x50mm XTR II Scope 

Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope For 1000 Yard Stare

Burris has this exceptional 1000 yard scope, which is equipped with a 30mm tube, superb build quality, and 50mm objective bell, and other features. Firstly, it has a decent weight and reasonable price, which make it exceptional because you can use it when you want to perfect the shooting experience. In the same way, it has precise target acquisition, which is used to identify the target and adjust elevation and windage to offer tactical-appropriate reticles and excellent resolution. Above all, it has the 5-times versatile zoom system that ensures there is enjoyment when you are targeting the object for better acquisition with a long-range.

Similarly, the compactness of the body and the objective bell, which is55mm ensures there is a smooth way when you are targeting the subject. The high-grade optical glass plays a significant role to ensure there is bright and clear optics with lasting durability. When you want to enjoy a precision during exercise with the reduced illuminated reticle, go for this product because it ensures the target has better lighting condition. Also, it would help if you counted this scope because it is competitive because of its advanced elevation and windage adjustments which ensure fast and accurate shooting.

Furthermore, multi-coated illuminated lenses of this scope make it unique for it offers ultimate protection and clarity when using it. The BDC reticle ensures you don’t need additional measures to create accurate targets as you aim for it is easy to use. Even more, it comes with durable material which creates no double when applying for the first time users are sure of the right product when buying. Typically, this scope for 1000 yard stare has every feature which you can imagine to make it paramount installed which make it the best option found in the market.


  • Clear optics on the edges
  • Offer bright and clear optics
  • Has lasting durability
  • Offer excellent resolution
  • High-grade optical glass


  • It is a bit heavy

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7. NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Non-Illuminated Reticle Scope

Best Scope For 1000 Yard

Because of public demand of the best scope for 1000 yard scope in the market, NightForce has come up with this exceptional model for one to invest in to get the best results. To start with, it has a 56mm objective lens which enhances maximum light transmission for sharp and clear viewing of the target. Also, the field of view is wide for plenty of options when you are shooting the destination as per your personal preference. The most important thing is that it comes with the tactical MOA turrets, which ensure there are easy adjustments.

Besides, this top 1000 yard scope is known for having high-quality performance and ruggedness, which make it fit to be used for a long time without replacement. More importantly, it is waterproof, which create confidence to use it even during the rainy season because no fear of water damaging it. Likewise, its lens is fog-proof, which make it exceptional for use even when the weather is foggy and get a clear and sharper image.

Similarly, it has non-illuminated MOAR reticle and a steep learning curve which has a unique function to improve the appearance of the image. If you want to do the shooting daily, go for this model because it will help you to improve your skills of shooting. Also, the optic glass is extra thick which make it ideal to be used in the outdoor activities because it can withstand and external force that can damage the lens.


  • Has high-quality performance
  • Enhance maximum light transmission
  • It is fog-proof
  • Has great tracking
  • Use HD optics
  • It is waterproof


  • It is a bit expensive

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Factors to consider when buying the best scope for 1000 yard stare


Magnification is crucial when buying the best scope for a 1000 yard stare. Sometimes, misunderstandings can arise when looking for the scope that can have the maximum magnification available to reach a target at the height of 1000 yards. Typically, this is not a case for there are many snipers think that 9x magnification is enough and may even prefer some of the extreme magnifications. It’s recommended to use the scope with not less than 9x magnification if need be to lift your target. However, know that the higher the range, the more microscopic limitations in the lens affect the clarity of the field of view.


There are different preferences when it comes to the best scope for a long-range shot. It is advisable to look for the scope with the graduated reticle so that you can increase your prospect’s retention rate and eliminate the need to make adjustments to the turret. This can be reinforced by compensating for changes in wind or moving objects.

Size of the objective lens and main tube

The physical size of scope becomes very crucial when you start to range for distance targets. When the lens is large, the field of view will also be significant. This is important when looking for the o, whether in hunting or tactical situations. Also, larger lenses help to capture more light. When the main tube is more significant, it will allow for more substantial height adjustment. The typical standard main tube for most scopes in the market is 30 mm, but occasionally this doesn’t leave enough space for the necessary height adjustment for some 1,000 yards.


The typical measurements of the tower or the reticle are MIL (milliradian) or MOA (minute of angle). The difference about these units is very similar to standard units and metric. MIL is the measurement determined by 1/1000 of a radian, and MOA is a measurement of 1/60 of the angle degree. To the shooters, the MOA appears to be easier to know since the workout is around 1-inch per minute / 100 yards. So 1 MOA at 200 yards is about 2 inches.

Similarly, MIL can be slightly more challenging to calculate because 1 MIL is approximately 3.6 inches when it is 100 yards. Nevertheless, it may be easier to measure the MAI to determine the target range with an unknown distance after understanding the math. It would help if you also were keen on the measurement of the turret and reticle match.

Multilayer anti-reflective lens

The quality of the image on the lens is crucial. Regardless of the lens’ size, you will not get a clear image if the light transmission is not good enough. Multilayer anti-reflective lenses generally offer excellent pictures and light transmission with high vividity and contrast. You require this color contrast to recognize the prey in a grassy and dense environment.


Creating a stable shooting base is useful to improve the accuracy and also increase the probability of reaching 1000 yards. The first accessories you can consider is the best bi-pod. The stable bi-pod creates a base to hold a flat shooting platform. The monopod is another option which you need to stabilize a scope. However, the sock with the sand may be a cheaper option. Also, a water level which may be attached to scope can ensure it remains practical when firing. Maintaining the level trajectory ensures greater precision over extreme distances.


Most people who want to shoot at 1,000 yard stare require the durable scope. This means that each shot has a significant recoil. Even if you don’t need a bouncing optic, you may be disappointed if you buy a poorly designed scope which is damaged by regular use. Typically, it would help if you considered the durability of the scope to ensure you are not disappointed.


The scope is the essential components of your firearm when you to reach a target 1000 yards away. Trying to understand what’s best is a difficult task for everyone. You must take time to research the best scope for 1000 yard. The above top 7 best scope for 1000 yard will solve all these problems. However, it would help if you took the time to learn how to use the scope. Exercise is the best thing to increase the confidence and understanding of the device. With this confidence and knowledge, there is full reason to buy the scope.

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