You are currently viewing 7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Rum : Unveiling the Ultimate Caliber Showdown

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Rum : Unveiling the Ultimate Caliber Showdown

The 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm RUM are both powerful cartridges but the 7mm RUM offers higher muzzle velocity and energy. When comparing the 7mm Remington Magnum (7mm Rem Mag) and the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum (7mm RUM) cartridges, it’s essential to understand the nuanced differences between these two popular choices among hunters and sport shooters.

Both cartridges are known for their long-range capabilities and impressive ballistic performance, making them suitable for hunting a wide range of game species. However, the 7mm RUM typically outperforms the 7mm Rem Mag in terms of muzzle velocity and energy, making it a preferred option for those seeking maximum power and long-range shooting accuracy.

Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics and advantages of these two cartridges to help you make an informed decision based on your specific shooting needs and preferences.

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Rum : Unveiling the Ultimate Caliber Showdown




When comparing the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Rum, understanding their ballistics is crucial for making an informed decision. Both cartridges have their unique characteristics that affect the velocity, energy, trajectory, and accuracy.

Velocity And Energy Comparison

  • The 7mm Rem Mag typically has a higher velocity than the 7mm Rum due to its longer history and wider availability.
  • However, the 7mm Rum generates more energy at longer distances, making it a preferred choice for long-range shooting.

Trajectory And Accuracy Comparison

  • The flatter trajectory of the 7mm Rum offers better precision at greater distances compared to the 7mm Rem Mag.
  • Additionally, the 7mm Rum tends to have less wind drift, enhancing its accuracy in challenging shooting conditions.
7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Rum : Unveiling the Ultimate Caliber Showdown


Recoil And Handling

When comparing the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rum, understanding recoil and handling is crucial for determining which rifle suits your needs.

Comparing Felt Recoil:

Recoil in a rifle can impact accuracy and shooter comfort, making it a key factor in the shooting experience.

  • 7mm Rem Mag: Known for manageable recoil due to its long history and popularity among shooters.
  • 7mm Rum: Has a reputation for heavier recoil, which may affect some shooters’ ability to consistently shoot accurately.

Handling And Shootability:

Handling affects how easily a rifle can be wielded and controlled, impacting accuracy and precision.

Rifle Model Handling Shootability
7mm Rem Mag Lightweight and balanced, making it maneuverable in various shooting conditions. Known for its smooth shooting experience, favored by many hunters and long-range shooters.
7mm Rum Heavier and bulkier than the 7mm Rem Mag, impacting ease of use and portability. Can be challenging to handle for some shooters due to its size and weight, affecting shootability.

Real-world Performance

When it comes to choosing between the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rum for hunting or long-range shooting, it’s essential to consider their real-world performance. From hunting applications to long-range shooting capabilities, each cartridge has its strengths and weaknesses.

Hunting Applications

The 7mm Rem Mag is known for its versatility in hunting a wide range of game, from smaller varmints to larger big game, like deer and elk. With its flat trajectory and high muzzle velocity, it excels for long-range hunting. On the other hand, the 7mm Rum offers even more power and penetration, making it a top choice for large and dangerous game, including moose, grizzly bear, and African plains game.

Long-range Shooting Capabilities

In terms of long-range shooting, both the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rum are renowned for their exceptional accuracy and minimal bullet drop at extended distances. When properly loaded with high-BC bullets, these cartridges yield impressive performance, making them popular among long-range shooters and competitive precision marksmen.

7Mm Rem Mag Vs 7Mm Rum : Unveiling the Ultimate Caliber Showdown


Ammunition Availability And Cost

When comparing the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Rum cartridges, ammunition availability and cost are crucial factors to consider. Let’s dive into a comparative analysis of the two in terms of cost, availability, and varieties.

Comparative Analysis Of Cost

Now, let’s talk about the cost of ammunition for these cartridges. While both the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rum are known for delivering powerful performance, their price points may differ.

The 7mm Rem Mag ammunition is more widely available and tends to be relatively affordable. Due to its popularity and established presence in the market, you can find a variety of options from different manufacturers. This wide availability and competition among brands generally helps keep the cost of the 7mm Rem Mag rounds reasonable.

On the other hand, the 7mm Rum ammunition may be a bit harder to find and, in turn, can be more costly. The 7mm Rum is known for its exceptional long-range performance and larger powder capacity, which provides greater power. However, its limited availability and specialty nature contribute to higher prices, making it a more expensive option compared to the 7mm Rem Mag.

Availability And Varieties

When it comes to availability, the 7mm Rem Mag undoubtedly takes the lead with its extensive presence in the market. You can find this cartridge in most firearm stores, outdoor retailers, and online platforms. Whether you’re looking for hunting rounds, target shooting ammo, or specialized loads, you can easily find a wide range of options for the 7mm Rem Mag.

The 7mm Rum, however, has a more limited availability compared to its counterpart. While it may take some extra effort to find, there are still reputable retailers and online stores that offer the 7mm Rum ammunition. Even though the variety of options may not be as extensive as the 7mm Rem Mag, you can still find suitable loads for hunting, long-range shooting, and other applications.

Given the differences in availability and cost, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing between the 7mm Rem Mag and the 7mm Rum. Whether you prioritize affordability, availability, or specialized performance, understanding the ammunition landscape is crucial for making an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions Of 7mm Rem Mag Vs 7mm Rum

What Are The Differences Between 7mm Rem Mag And 7mm Rum?

The main differences between the 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rum are in their performance, recoil, and availability. While the 7mm Rem Mag is a popular and widely available cartridge, the 7mm Rum offers higher velocities and greater long-range accuracy, but with increased recoil and limited availability.

Which Cartridge Is Better For Long-range Shooting, 7mm Rem Mag Or 7mm Rum?

For long-range shooting, the 7mm Rum is generally considered better due to its higher velocities and flatter trajectories. It offers greater accuracy and better energy retention at longer distances compared to the 7mm Rem Mag. However, the additional recoil of the 7mm Rum may affect some shooters’ ability to make follow-up shots quickly.

Is The 7mm Rem Mag More Affordable And Easier To Find Compared To The 7mm Rum?

Yes, the 7mm Rem Mag is generally more affordable and easier to find compared to the 7mm Rum. The 7mm Rem Mag has been on the market for a longer time and benefits from a wider availability of ammunition, both from manufacturers and custom loaders.

This makes it a more accessible option for many shooters.


In the debate of 7mm Rem Mag vs 7mm Rum, both cartridges bring unique strengths to the table. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize long-range accuracy or sheer power, each cartridge offers distinct advantages for different hunting and shooting scenarios.

Make an informed decision based on your shooting requirements and enjoy the performance these cartridges deliver.

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